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Great little car

Stanley, 10/28/2015
1.8 SL 4dr Wagon (1.8L 4cyl CVT)
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This is my second Nissan Cube. It's a quirky car that get compliments and jokes from strangers for its appearance. It looks a bit like a child's drawing of a car. Best thing is that it's the most comfortable car I've driven. The seats are high up and solid. There is plenty of leg room for the rear seat. I have a bad back but have driven this from New Mexico to Washington State and back with no medical issues. It is easy to get into and out of...especially with my back problems. There is an amazing amount of headroom which friends over 6'6" have commented on. The windshield and windows are large and high giving ideal views. There is plenty of room to store things inside. The Bluetooth is excellent. The XM Radio is a great. A good selection of audio options Upgraded sound system with subwoofer. The Navigation system could only be improved if it were voice activated. Keyless ignition is a plus. The rearview camera is superb. The rear door opens to the side like a refrigerator door rather than lift up which I prefer as I'm tall and don't hit my head on the door. Oh, and the car is a lot of fun to drive. Steering is accurate. Breaking is sure. Acceleration is poor from a stop. It accelerates fine on the open road. Fuel economy averages about 33 MPG between city and highway driving. It strains a bit on steep hills. I've driven it up mountains, along deserts, on open roads, in congested city driving in Seattle, Portland, and Denver. In other words, I really enjoy driving this car. Storage is fine with the back seats down. It's a bit cramped with the seats up but I have added a rack and carrier for when I need more storage. Wind noise can be a problem at high speeds although I got it up over 110 driving through Wyoming and didn't notice any issues. Crosswinds can be a problem as the car is a boxy and a bit top heavy. It drives fine in the snow. The heater is excellent. The air conditioning has kept the car very comfortable in Phoenix heat. The car looks like a toy but it's tricked out with serious car details and accessories. If anything, it's my adult toy car. I've had this car for two years now. In the past year, I've driven from Albuquerque to Las Vegas driving a very large loop through Zion National Park on the way there and Phoenix on the way back. Also, just drove to Salt Lake City on a route through Moab, UT and back via Colorado Springs, CO. This car handles well. It can keep up with traffic. It is not a muscle car or a truck or a cruiser. It is just a practical car that reminds me how much fun it can be to drive. This car does just fine around town with plenty of room for groceries and other shopping. It holds its own on the open road. It won't win any prizes for speed but it's gotten me everywhere I want to go. I am so sorry Nissan isn't importing this to the States any longer. I understand there is an AWD and an electric version in Japan. The AWD would be ideal here in Northern New Mexico. Three and a half years with this car and my review remains the same. Other than an occasional long trip, I don't drive that much. The car's mileage has recently improved a bit. Sometimes, I would like a bit more storage room inside my cube but it's no reason to start looking for a new car. The interior has held up well in the desert sun. The white pearl paint holds up well, too. It is nimble to drive. The turning radius is small. It suits my needs ideally. I hope this lasts a long, long time. This car in into its fourth year now. I'm commuting to work daily now with a mix of surface streets and freeway. This little underpowered wonder gets me wherever I need to go. Have only needed standard maintenance on it so far. It's holding up very well. There are a good number of Cubes in Albuquerque but this white one still turns heads. Maybe it's because it looks like a miniature ice-cream or milk truck. Whatever the reason, it's easy to find in a parking lot. The interior has held up very well. It looks almost like new. The seats remain comfortable. My back can still tolerate long drives in this. I'm not so fortunate when I'm a passenger in friends' cars and we go for long drives. Then, my back is fairly stressed and I'm in some pain. I've no idea what Nissan did with these seats but they should be the ones used in all their cars. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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