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Perfect Car

CueB, 10/22/2008
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My dad special ordered this car in 1990. I bought it from him in 1995 and have driven it for 13 years. With over 270,00 miles, the 5.0 engine is still strong as an ox, far surpasses the performance and torque of newer Lincolns. The ride is quiet, the interior is very comfortable. The engine has never required more than usual maintenance. Replaced transmission, but the ratios are pretty beefy to keep rpms low. The design is classic and still looks good. The only car that equaled the Mark VII was a 1985 Buick Riviera. By the way - the air shocks are not hard to replace if you know how to read the shop manual and can operate a jack!

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Breakfast Of Champions

Jimmy E., 08/18/2009
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Love the ride, but switch out the front air bags with springs and performance control arm bushings instead of the original oem bushings. Transmission oil cooler and engine oil cooler and your good 2 go! "put it back on the assembly line"., we need more.

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1989 Lincoln Mark VII

Megan, 09/21/2005
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This has been a great car , i had some work to do on it in the beginning since the previous owner let it sit for quite some time in cleveland weather. The Body is still in reMARKable condition and the interior has wear but has held together quite nicely. The air suspension was in great shape untill NTB broke it by lifting it and not heading my explicit instructions to turn OFF the air ride before lifting it, without them the stock compressor dryer and bags would still be in and great. I opt'd to keep the air ride for two reason, one NTB paid the replacement and two the air ride is part of what gives this car is smooth ride a eexcellent cornering for a car of its weight and age.

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Drivers Dream

Scotamaging, 08/01/2008
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This is a rugged nimble powerhouse that delivers a nonstop ability at one's faintest touch. The car's appointments are to this day the apple of the industy's eye. Yet the car with all its horses deliver a whopping 22 miles per gallon at 55mph+

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TRUE unbiased report

Disney, 10/22/2003
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I bought this car with low expaectations, and boy, did it ever prove me wrong! I cant complain ONE bit abotu this car. Its 13 years old, still looks good, people alwys comment on how its a nice looking car. It runs awesome. TONS of power from the 5.0 H.O. engine. Dusts newer cars no problem. Handles great, but rides like its on feathers. Very functional interior. I can only wonde why they quite making this car.

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sleeping hotrod

Robert Kirkpatrick, 11/03/2009
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well for starters. i bought the car in july of 06 from my friend in the military. he was selling it, and i since i rode in it had wanted it. well i bought it and since then have had tons of fun in it. it is the first V8 i have ever owned, and with the modifications he had done to it, woke it up a great deal. not only is the horsepower amazing but the room it has is great too. every body that has came up against my mark vii has been blown away by it. they think oh it a granny car, but when they see the car lift up and take off at a stop light they are like, WOW!! lincoln needs to bring the mark series coupes back out. these cars are dieing dinosaurs!!! not many left on the roads!!!

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kyra, 01/29/2003
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el_nino, 02/22/2003
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When I bought my 90 LSC she was 12 years old. still running strong. Very reliable and looks better then mustang.

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Lincoln should make more! Fun Car

Earl Dwayne Guyton, 04/18/2006
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This is the finest car i have ever driven in my life. Even when i drive 20 mph in my neighborhood it's fun just the way the car is and handles

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Solid vehicle

LOVE MY LINCOLN, 05/10/2004
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I have been the owner of a 1990 Mark VII LSC for 12 years. This has been hands down the most reliable car I have ever owned. The styling and the performance were so underated for its time. Perfect balance between luxury and performance. The crtics missed this one.

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