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Solid Minivan...

wskrides, 12/07/2010
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Traded in an '04 Odyssey which was a reliable tank of a minivan for this '11 Sedona. Got $3K off in rebates/incentives so the deal was sweet for a minivan that doesn't have nearly the bells & whistles and frills of the new model Odyssey and Siena. But it gets the job done by transporting our 5 member family quickly & safely to where we need to go. First thousand miles have been smoooooth...

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Pay more for what, exactly?

Father of four, 11/04/2010
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Our 2011 Kia Sedona is our second minivan (we have four children aged seven and under). Traded in a VW Passat wagon, and it hurt to say goodbye to our last car with any "coolness" factor. Our other minivan is a Toyota Sienna. The Sedona is an improvement upon the Passat in every way. Far more fun to drive, with great pickup and handling. We added leather, which makes it look sharp. The interior gives the impression of being larger than the Sienna's. And other than a higher sticker price, we are not sure what advantages the Sienna offers. The Kia's mileage around town is somewhat less than advertised--around 16 mpg--but it is up to the Toyota's quality in every other way. Safe and reliable.

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Repeat buyer

hobef, 05/04/2011
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This is my 3rd Kia Sedona. I have owned a 05 Sedona XL , a 05 Kia Sedona EX and now a 11 Kia Sedona LX. I have found the Sedona to be an excellent vehicle, I have taken many trips in the van as well as to drive it dailey. I have never had any issues with the cars performance or maintenance.

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Great minivan for the price!

scoop14, 03/23/2012
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My 2011 Sedona was $6000 less out the door than Sienna and has a better warranty. Our local Kia dealership is also a well respected family business. Sienna drove slightly better but certainly not $6000 worth! Truth is with two kids & a dog to haul around it needs to be comfortable, solid & safe - it is. The Sedona's 3.5 V6 is powerful, willing, and sounds really good winding out. The auto shifts cleanly and manual mode works well in the hills. The 18/25 mileage figures are accurate. I meet or exceed these numbers when driven calmly. 5600 miles so far and one problem (sticky purge valve = rough idle) fixed without problem under warranty with loaner provided. Happy so far with my first Kia.

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Traded in an F150 King Ranch for the Sedona

tomerikac, 10/25/2011
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That's right. My wife's 2002 Kia Sedona was starting to get a little old in the tooth. But instead of trading it in on the 2011, I decided to trade in my 2006 King Ranch for it. Hey, the King Ranch was beautiful, but the Sedona gets 10 more mpg, hauls the kids AND the groceries and doesn't cost so much to maintain (tires, repairs, etc.) So she drives the new Sedona (safer and more dependable than the '02) and I carpool in the old Sedona. The 'o02 had a $1000 repair (AC) a few months back, but that has been the only repair in over 9 years. My wife LOVES the 2011...the kids too!!!

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