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Very Satisfied

chris, 03/26/2007
XJ6 L 4dr Sedan
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I did a lot of research and it all pointed to the 1995-1997 XJ6. Being in the car industry and never having owned a Jaguar before, I talked to as many foreign car mechanics and Jaguar owners as possible. I bought the 1997 XJ6L with 97000 miles and had it checked out. The mechanic said it was excellent. My wife, who has had 3 new mercedes benz in a row, drives it and loves it. No more high payments, a paid for jaguar is the way to go. it's roomy, comfortable, drives smooth and looks great. It get more compliments than on our last 3 mercedes. We are very satisfied.

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Best thing from Jaguar ever

solarus, 03/01/2011
Vanden Plas 4dr Sedan
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When I bought my 1997 VP, it had 96,000 on it. Purchase price from a dealer was right around $6,000 - don't ask why they go so cheap, I think American buyers have been so scared by previously poorly built Jags that cost tons to repair that only daring souls (like me) buy these things. What can I say, this particular model is simply exceptional - as long as you follow the maintenance schedule! Find a neighborhood mechanic confident enough to work on general repair, and replace all belts, fluids and other aging parts, they are very reasonable if bought from .

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165,000 miles

marty, 08/29/2010
XJ6 L 4dr Sedan
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I had always wanted a jag, and I finally got one. It has 165,000 miles and it still runs great. One of the factors in buying such a high mile car was the straight 6. It seems to me that most of the old jags still on the road are xj6s. I love to drive this car more than any I've owned. Buying such a car is not without some troubles, it needed an alternator.

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Destined to be a true classic

XJ 4Ever, 09/12/2017
XJ6 4dr Sedan
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This one of those cars you wish later you had bought when you had the chance. I got the chance and have been falling in love ever since. I love how this Jag rides, drives and feels oh so solid. The engine took a little getting used to as it is the last of the straight six 4.0 (USA), and feels (and sounds) like you are starting up a WWII warplane. Once running it is pretty smooth but not buttery and revvy like the V8 that replaced it or the other typical competition. Instead is feels solid and reliable, which it happens to be in spades. If you get a chance to pick up one of these gorgeous cars, you will never want to let it go. With the forward hinged hood, single windshield wiper, J-gate shifter, full-sized spare tire, monstrous battery in the trunk, fuel tank behind the back seat, leather everything, real birdseye maple wood coddling you, and a windshield you can actually reach from your seat, this is a unique car to be certain. UPDATE: My first 10k miles went by quickly, as it is a commuter car for me. Not a single problem encountered. These Jags are made fun of for being less than ideal in the snow, but I put Michelin X-Ice Xi3 tires on her, and managed my way without trouble through 4 inches of snow. The heater is superb and warms quickly, having an auxiliary heating pump, which facilitates quicker defrosts as well. I also love the unique single windshield wiper, which cut that cost in half. UPDATE: Another 10k miles and still no issues at all. I am surprised at the passing acceleration of this 4000 pound car. A new Dodge Challenger SRT8 pulled in front of me from an on ramp and we both "got on it" at the same time. Somehow the Challenger had a hard time pulling away from me, though of course I wasn't going to be able to stay with it too long, the Jag held it's own well up to 100 :-) UPDATE: I now have 175,000 miles on the Jag and still have had no major issues. I just had the windshield replaced from a rock crack, and got a 1998 version with the same green tint plus a blue sunshade tint along the top, a welcome upgrade. I am averaging close to 23 miles to the gallon, 90% being highway miles. It is still driving as well as when I got my Jag at 129,000 miles. The air conditioning is also still ice cold, actually had to turn it up a little higher this summer even at 103 degrees (F of course) outside. The heating/cooling of this car is awesome. UPDATE: The miles just keep coming. Now at 185,500 and STILL no major issues. I have done nothing but change the oil and wash Baby since the last update. It uses very little oil (one additional quart added in last 5k miles), has never needed coolant EVER (tight sealed system apparently), and the power steering reservoir has not leaked since I cleaned it up and tightened the hose connections since the last (and only) fluid change on it about 5k ago. Fabulous car. UPDATE: Another 10,000 miles of trouble free driving, now at 195,777 miles. Have been running Nokian WR G4 tires this time, starting in November 2019. EXCELLENT tires. Truly all-weather, unlike the all-season tires. These have the triple-peak snowflake rating for winter, and are the best all-around tire I have ever driven.

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Love my Jags

Princess, 12/01/2009
XJ6 L 4dr Sedan
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This is the second 97 XJ I have owned. My first was totaled in a storm. Love, love, love them. 12 years old and it still gets attention. Completely reliable. I did my research before purchasing. 95-97 were the cream puff years. Bushings and struts and 2 ignition coils had to be replaced last year (100k miles). NOTHING ELSE! I am happy w/ gas mileage (17 city - 23 hwy). Cup holder is useless but that is a small sacrifice. I purchased a dual holder that slides between center console & passenger seat at PepBoys that matches. Chrome wheels are peeling. I had alloys on my previous xj and they were still perfect after 10 years. I will replace wheels and drive this one another few years.

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