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Stayed in the Family

Commuter Scooter, 05/20/2009
SE 4dr Sedan
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Car was purchased very inexpensively as a commuter scooter. I needed cheap miles and this car fit the bill. Only 8400 miles at the time of purchase but with hail damage that didn't affect operation. Issues have been easy to fix (relay module, tie rod end and vacuum hose) but otherwise no problems in over 100,000 miles. It has never left anyone stranded. Great gas mileage city or open road. Easy to work on by a shade tree mechanic. Now my daughter considers it "her" car for use at college. I see it several times a year now and keep the maintenance up for her. She understands the economics of inexpensive, reliable transportation instead of a fashion statement.

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Great all around car

Anonymous, 12/06/2010
SE 4dr Sedan
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This is a great car.I bought it in 2004 with 17k and currently has 106k.I'm not a FORD lover,I only bought it cause it was in my price range and got good reviews.Ive fixed only brakes, rotors, belt, tie rod and flex pipe piece ($1050).Just moved cross country with almost 900lbs of stuff.No problems handling it at 85 mph. Does display the common rough idle which most escorts do just due to the type of engine.So far it beat the life of my parents chevy malibu and dodge intrepid, which blew head gaskets and transmissions before 100k.I'm not a car guy,dont prefer one brand over another,but this car doesn't die, starts every time. Not much to look at. Gets you from A to B with no problems at all.

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Best car for new drivers

Rob, 04/01/2016
LX 4dr Sedan
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I owned a white 1999 Ford Escort LX back when I was in high school and my first year of college. I have to admit when growing up I always wanted a mustang GT as a first car since it was sporty and since my dad would only let me get a Ford since he works for a Ford dealership. When I heard I was going to the shop to check out my first car I had no clue what it was. When the shop door opened a brand new Saleen Mustang was sitting in the first stall I saw. I scream and ran to it but little did I know before my father corrected me that the Saleen was a customers car. My father pointed to the stall to the back of the shop and there was my escort. At first I was furious it wasn't a mustang but after driving it for a while I am so glad he got me that escort instead of a Mustang. It taught me how to be a better driver and not to mention it was a fun little car despite having a 2.0 SOHC engine. Unfortunately some things happened to my little escort and now I have a Ford Five Hundred. It would still be on the road if I wasn't acting like an idiot but I was going through a rough time in my life when that happened. I will say finding an engine for one that isn't over 100k miles is almost physically impossible. However I would buy this car again if given the chance in the near future to put up and take care of. I loved this car despite not having power windows, power locks, cd player, Bluetooth, or even navigation. I was very content with this car and if you are looking for a first car for your kids I would highly suggest this or a new focus not the first generation of the focus because those where terrible but this car is perfect.

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Great car !!!

andy908, 09/07/2014
LX 4dr Sedan
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This is a very good car. With the low price and age, it still runs like a beast. I bought it for $1500 about 6 months ago, runs great. The handling is great, maneuvering is easy, and drives smooth. Mileage is great. I drive about 25 miles a day, have to fill it up every two weeks!!!, about $70/month I use for gas. The red color sure makes it look sporty! In my opinion its a good looking car (contrary to what other people are saying). Make sure to maintain it well regularly. Aged cars need regular care. The only downside I can think of is its acceleration. Acceleration is not so quick or smooth as other newer cars.

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Forget this ambassador of Ford junk

elly2, 03/22/2011
LX 4dr Sedan
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When it was new it was problem free but after a few years and miles even with good maintenance and light driving the problems start showing up. I now expect major work on an annual basis. No doubt the CCRM failed on the A/c which is common to this model, rear springs snapped which is also common, engine pipe fell off, speedometer meter in the axle broke, and even the shift console light doesn't work, and now some kind of power sapping engine problem. Driving this car is zero fun and all hassle.

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