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Ford Contour

Brian, 08/29/2006
SE 4dr Sedan
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My car just hit 60,000 miles and still running strong. Have not had to put any money into it other than routine maintenance. Gets pretty good gas mileage for a V6 with great power. Had some problems with the dashboard for awhile but was able to glue it back on. It's not afraid to be pushed around corners because of its great grip. Great car and power for the money that I paid.

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Pocket Friendly Road Car

pastajay, 01/01/2004
SE 4dr Sedan
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I have had a good experience with this vehicle. Besides routine maintenance, the only problems I have had with this car was the replacement of the fuel pump and a recall for the dashboard cover (warping in high heat). The fuel pump was under warranty and the dashboard replaced for free. I do have a peculiar problem with my car only when it is below freezing and the engine is cold- the airbox makes a funny resonant vibrating noise. My car has currently has 62000 miles on it and will probably give me that much more I guess...

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How Can I HATE a Car I've Had for 14 YEARS?

Frank James, 02/01/2017
SE Sport 4dr Sedan
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No one today "should" be buying a 2000 ANYTHING, unless it's a true collector's item. That said, I bought Homer in Feb. 2003 for $8,000 with 58,000 miles already on him. He only has 126,000 now so that's only 9000/yr put on by me. I've always liked the decent acceleration from this tiny V-6. He's always handled very well, and stops well, too. Only once have I experienced his anti-lock brakes. Following too closely on a rainy city street, I KNEW I was buying someone a bumper when all traffic stopped suddenly. I "locked" the pedal anyway, but Homer didn't. I could NOT believe that he actually stopped short of hitting the car in front! After all these years, he has not lost any compression, doesn't burn or leak oil, and the trans. still shifts well. I have had to replace 2 neutral safety switches. Fuel mileage has been good for engine size. I'm keeping Homer until replacement engine and running parts can no longer be found. Judging by other reviews here I am a RARE happy SE Sport owner. Update August 2018: Homer is old enough to vote now, so he's registered as an Independent. A rain leak into the front passenger footwell is annoying, but hasn't rusted thru yet. This spring, a very tiny plant grew next to the door for a few weeks. I named him Groot. Alas, Groot died from the summer heat. Employer closed so Homer doesn't "go to work" anymore. I expect far fewer miles for the rest of the year. Still has good compression & no oil leaks. A/C needed recharging this spring, but is holding out well. Still love the old boy and will be sad to part with him when he dies. Been 15.5 good years so far. Never had a car longer than 6 years before Homer. I've owned cars since 1971, & motorcycles from 1966 to 1993. Licensed driver since August 1963. Wonder why I feel so old. :) February 2019: Sixteen years with old Homer now. Found the rain leak at the windshield & fixed it with silicone. Still running well, but not driven very often. I'm now over 70, and most of my travels are with the wife in her '06 Chevy HHR. All trips for both cars are now local. For long distance travel, we rent something newer. Homer did pass his annual state inspection this month with no problems. Okay, there is this One Thing. I've had probs with the driver side front window for years. It always needs a helping hand to properly close when raised. Had the darned window "fooled with" about 4 times, but no one seemed to get it right. Not worth spending any more money on it, as I can get it to close when I need to. Homer & I are both getting very old. C'est la vie, c'est la guerre! :(

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Alot of problems with this car

garyd6, 08/19/2011
SE 4dr Sedan
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I bought the car for $5000 in March of 2006. Since then I have put $9,100 in maintenance and repairs. This car has been very problematic and I can't get rid of it. The condenser leaks. The A/C compressor leaks. The exhaust manifold gasket, timing cover gasket, valve cover gasket are all seeping or making noise. The car has $185,000 miles on it.

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Kicking myself...

spencerq, 06/03/2015
SE Sport 4dr Sedan
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I'm writing this review hoping that it might relieve AT LEAST the tiniest bit of intense fury I have built up from 2 1/2 years of driving this disaster in engineering. This car is the embodiment of all things evil and horrible in the world. I bought the car for $3,000 in 2012. I gathered my service records last week to assess that I've spent ~$6,700 since on repairs (NOT including regular maintenance upkeep items). I've had a CONSTANT recurring oil AND tranny fluid leaks, blown head gaskets, I've rebuilt the transmission, replaced the fuel pump, replace all three engine mounts, the alternator, the radiator TWICE, the solenoid switch and more. It has only 130,000 miles & STILL HAS PROBLEMS!

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