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A great truck and daily driver

Bill, 06/29/2007
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This is my third Dodge Ram, but I am not Dodge loyal. We spend too much money on vehicles to blindly buy one brand over another. I test drove the new Chevy and looked at the Fords. Ford diesel scares me due to the notorious problems, and the Chevy's new interior was undesirable, at least to me. Mine is the 5.9l Diesel, but that was not selectable above. So far I've been on several trips, and the fuel mileage has gone up with every fill up. Currently I am getting 19.5 mpg hwy and 13 mpg city. My commute is only 4 miles with 6 stop lights so my city mileage is absolute worst case scenario. The Cummins is a great add on; resale and reliability of the diesel makes the extra cost worth it.

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Surviving the Stigma

commuter, 01/22/2007
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Growing up anti-Chrysler, it was hard for me to be objective to shopping for a new truck. The more I compared, the more I liked the Cummins Dodge. As a total package,this is a complete work truck with great motor, function, and fuel economy.

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It's not a cab unless it's a MEGA CAB

The Big Red Truck, 05/09/2008
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I never owned a truck, but when I came back from Colorado I had to get one. I drove Fords and Chevrolets in Colorado for the company and all were quad cabs and extended cabs. I saw my crew's face after the hour and a half drive and they were not happy, from Meeker CO. to Grand Junction CO. I wouldn't be either! I returned last month with "The Big Red Truck" and I now have a crew of musky, dirty, well worked men who argue to take turns to ride in the cab. The truck drives like a charm. I couldn't see myself in a Ford, Chevy, or some foreign made truck, yet I wonder what would happen if I married my 6.7 Cummins to an Allison Transmission? More POWER?

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Gawkers delight

BLACK BEAUTY, 07/18/2008
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I spec'd this out for my husband after extensive research. We have a small hot shot business and needed a powerful, yet reliable truck to pull goose neck flatbed trailers. The 6.7 L Cummins was the big draw. I did order the truck with some aesthetic touches that made it easy on the eye and set up good for long drives. We had the problem with the emission light coming on frequently, but that is resolved now. Pulls loads up to 9000 lbs without even knowing it is back there, including through the mountains of VA. In LOVE with the truck and it draws gawkers everywhere my husband goes to deliver loads. Other than the fuel mileage, it is AWESOME.

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Dodge 2500 Mega Cab

vc79, 06/29/2007
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This is the first Chrysler product I have owned and I am surprisingly pleased with the overall quality. The Cummins is very reliable and powerful. Used the plug in heater during the winter and had no problems with cold morning starts. As for traveling, my kids love the space in back. Trips are not a problem anymore. Mind you, this is a huge truck. Compact parking spots are not an option. Yet for the interior room and carrying capacity, I can walk the extra few feet. Entry and exit with the 4x2 is much easier than the 4x4. Although it is a truck, the ride is quite comfortable and the diesel noise is not overbearing. Fantastic buy. I am now hooked on Dodge.

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