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Don't let looks fool you

Don't let LOOKS fool, 04/10/2006
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Bought used in 2000 and got rid of in '03.<(which is the best thing I've ever done!) Bought to replace my aging '89 Corsica that I loved till the major breakdowns. Obviously, this car wasn't much better. Tons of problems. Was in the shop more than on the road. Oxygen sensor, battery, alternator; just a few of the problems I had w/ it out of many. HIt 2 different deer w/ it and 2 different times. Had 3 different accidents w/ it w/ other vehicles. I think red is a magnet for things to want to attract too. That or bad luck, not sure which? Who knows, but it was always something going wrong. One good thing is that just going to/from work it got good mileage 28/39! Looks are deceiving.....

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Don't buy a neon

redcurls417, 07/02/2003
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My maintenence log has become a novel for my 96 Dodge Neon. --original paint has peeled off --air conditioner broke 5 times in first 3 years --engine belt shreaded first week of ownership --hole in gas tank and oil leak in past year --gas mileage has gone down considerably in the past year

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Don't repeat my mistake!

sirlordsoul, 07/09/2003
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A rip off! Don't buy this car. I bought mine new and have had an endless series of major repairs (oil leaks, the car computer, door handles coming loose, and the air conditioning -- TWICE!) over seven years. Whatever I "saved" in the relatively low purchase price has been taken away in repairs. And keep in mind that I kept up with ALL of the recommended maintenance. Now I'm stuck with a lemon drawing its last breaths! Thank you very much Chrysler -- I'm going to avoid your crappy product as long as I live! And they wonder why people don't like American cars ...

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It's Used

Casie, 05/20/2006
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This car seems to be lacking serious horsepower. Or at least mine is. I have the worst gas mileage in the history of 4 cylinders (5spd to boot) Approx 16 mpg. Also it has a major problem with the window sealing. I have a major leakage. Anytime it rains it leaks. If I am driving I hear a lot of air leaking through. But what can I say, it's used.

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diggit616, 06/26/2004
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This has not been my favorite car but it has done exactly what I needed it to do. No more, no less. It has had it's share of problems though. Drivers window has never worked right, HEAD GASKET, A/C, radio, left blinker turns on when you brake, wears front tires uneven, door panel broke,... At this point I am just glad it still starts; and that is one thing it has always done, start. It may not be the best car I have ever had but it gets me to where I need to go. Great car for new drivers and collage kids. Just don't fool yourself into thinking you won't have any problems with it. Neon quality is an extinct dinosaur.

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Had to trash it

phantom, 03/13/2007
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I absolutely loved this car when I first bought it. Looked great and drove great. After 2 yrs the problems began. The obvious head gasket plus seals had to be replaced. Every sensor on the car pretty much malfunctioned at some point. Every year and yes I mean every year I had to get it serviced due to misfires. One electrical problem after another. Stereo went out. Door looks worked when they wanted to. Drivers side window was loose and leaked. Oddly enough in the 6 years that I owned that car I never replaced the exaust. Not even the muffler. This is a terrible vehicle and I will never buy a Dodge/Chrysler product again. Terrible!

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OK So far !!

tamra, 04/24/2002
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I bought my Neon last Dec. from a very well know dealership for selling "BAD CARS" i did not know when they sold me the car. So far all I have replaced on my neon is the brakes and a signal bulb. My car is at 93,960. It still runs good, alittle hard sometimes, but overall nice- When I bought it they said I had a new head gasket kit done, etc., so I hope they did not lie to me because if anything goes wrong like the other people? I will be in court...

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Great Car

Original Neon Owner, 05/07/2002
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I am the original owner of my 1996 Dodge Neon Highline Coupe. I've had it for 5 years now, and 70,000 miles later, I'm still very happy with it. Yes, I've had the head gasket break too, just like everybody else, but I took care of the problem, and haven't had anything go wrong since, besides a tail light bulb burning out ($1.00 replacement). I drive it hard, and it's been so reliable that I am not even thinking about trading it in yet. I'm planning on keeping this car for at least another 2 or 3 years. It's been a great investment!

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This car ROCKS

loudneon, 08/09/2002
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Wow what to say. I love my Neon. I ordered it with the DOHC and 5 speed. Best car I have. Buy one. Give it a turbo and suspension drop, then go kick some honda butt. Buy the DOHC not the SOHC. Never had a head gasket problem. I run it hard everyday too. 60mph 5500rpm in third gear hard around corners. Kicked my brothers 96 Avenger to the curb.

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Stay Away from this Car

NoMoreNeons, 09/16/2002
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I promise this, is my last Chrysler product. I have had bad experiences with everyone of them except a Jeep Wrangler, but I got rid of it just in time. My neon is the worst of the lot. Head Gasket blew at about 30K, fortunately, still under warranty. I have 80,000 miles now and pray it won't blow again based on other reviews. Constant problems ever since though. Can't seem, to keep the AC running more than 2 months at a time. Spent $1,000 repairing it this June, and it went out in less than 6 weeks. Took three more trips to the shop to try to fix it. Leaks oil, transmission fluid, etc.

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