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Levitation-like smoothness

revtwist, 02/08/2011
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I have owned my red Chevrolet Volt for 20 days now. This car is mainly used for my work commute. Although I have taken two 70 mile drives to show the car to family. The odometer reads 990 miles total with just 2.1 gallons of gasoline burned. The Volt is driven by an electric motor all of the time. A small generator is available if travel over 35-40 miles battery is needed. It has been said that driving the Volt feels like flying. It really does. The low end acceleration is ample. The styling of the Volt rivals that of others cars I have owned. One of these being a 70's era Cobra II. My 19 year old son is thrilled to ride in our electric Volt. Full battery charge is 3.5 hours at 240V.

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I love my Volt more then my Ferrari...

ponsv6, 02/08/2011
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As an enthusiastic car lover/collector/enthusiast, the Volt is about the coolest car I have ever owned, I have VIN 772. This thing has exceeded all my expectations in Quality, Styling, Ride, Acceleration, Efficiency. Chose to lease it for $350 a month and will most likely buy it at the end of the lease. My Lifetime MPG is 137 with a little over a 1k miles driven so far, which includes two 150 mile trips. Free Onstar for 5 years with nav downloads and hands-free blue tooth, this car is better then my old E class Mercedes, rides about the same. Wife and I literally fight over who drives it. It really moves out from a stop light in "Sport Mode" due to the E motors 100% Torque at 0-RPM.

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I Hate my Volt

ev_, 02/08/2011
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Well actually I Love my VOLT except for the climate control system. It takes 5 mintues for the heater to start putting out warm air and you have to run the fan durning that time or you will never get heat. As if that is not bad enough it runs the A/C during this time to dehumitify the air. When its 40 degrees in the car I don't want it to blow cold air and I certainly don't want the A/C on. The rest of the car is everthing I had hoped for. I have driven it over 1200 miles and my average is over 160mpg. I am still running off the gas that came with the car. I like to go fast, I don't drive like a Prius driver, I like to drive in Sport mode and it is extremelly fun to drive.

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Meets All Expectations...and more

tjc79, 02/09/2011
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Now in my second month and still have not used more than 2 gallons of gas. The car is surprisingly responsive, feels solid and has had no bugs, defects or annoyances that sometimes accompany new purchases. My average battery range is about 42 miles, but with the range extending on-board generator, there is no anxiety whatsoever about "getting there" as the range is essentially the same as a traditional gas powered vehicle. Moving from my prior Mercedes S 430, I find the Volt to be a remarkably well engineered product. Clearly someone is paying attention to the quality at the end of the production line.

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A Home Run!

sgc114, 02/10/2011
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I purchased my Volt and took delivery on December 18, 2010. I've gone about 1500 miles so far and burned about 20 gallons of gas, mostly due to a few long trips [200 miles each]. Even on those trips, my mileage was in the 40-50 mile range. My overall mileage is about 75mpg. But when I was not taking those trips, I could easily drive around town, to work, etc, on the 40 miles or so range, using all battery and electric drive. There is nothing better than that! The car drives solidly, crisp turning, and more than decent acceleration. The best acceleration is in LOW using SPORT mode. Seats are comfortable, and the fit and finish is quite good.

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