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electiric power steering

David, 05/26/2010
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I just don't understand why the Malibu was built so cheap.I had to replace the I shaft twice and replace both inner tie rod end and bought at least three sets of tires. Why is that I bought the new Malibu because was tired of working on cars all the time, but guest what I still am. There is no reason for this. When my steering was going out I had to shut the car off to reset, unless I was driving down the road. This is a safety issue but the general motors will not recall this darn problem. Both I and my wife been fighting with gm but not response back to us. But I will turn this problem to nhsta. Some one needs to get this problem taken care of.

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great car

vtfarmboy, 03/27/2011
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I purchased this car used with about 20,000+ miles four years ago. I have been driving it daily ever since and other than a new set of tires had no problems what so ever. well almost. The gas tank sending unit was not working when i bought it. The dealer told me to set up a apointment to get it fixed i just never did it. That is not the cars fault. It drives nice and is comfortable for my commute. I live 45 miles from my work and it is quite good on gas. I average anywhere between 28 and 34 mpg with a V6 not bad if you ask me. It aint pretty, it isnt Hot but if you are looking for good dependable every day transportation that wont bleed you dry its just what you need!

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Best US Car Ever

Carguy, 11/04/2006
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I just purchased my '06 Malibu in the Dark Metallic Blue. By far the best US car I have owned. The only complaint I have is the lack of longer seat bottoms. I stand almost 6 ft and my knees hang over the edge. Not that comfortable. Other than that I highly reccomend it. The V-6 Is a great performer

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All bad rewiews correct steering

Toyotafan, 11/07/2010
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I bought the car for my wife since her 1996 Ford Taurus was on its last leg. So we drove a used Malibu. Seemed great compared to what we had and a decent price. 1 month later the steering had a knock in it when you turned the wheel parked or at low speeds. Very common problem in many Chevy trucks as well. Dealer ship did a quick fix, and 2 months later it reappeared. Now if I want piece of mind for a real fix $500. Chevrolet has gone down hill with products over last 10 years. Do not buy this car unless you have no other choice. Great power from engine is only good quality about it.

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chevy55tool, 12/18/2009
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I bought this car for my wife with 25,000 miles on it. Within the first 3-6 months, the car began falling apart. We noticed that the entire front steering/suspension would dangerously shake when braking; The electric power steering now locks/unlocks at its own behest(EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!) which is a lawsuit waiting to happen; the front tires wear down at a ridiculous rate; the windshield/dashboard make a very annoying rattle when going b/w 45-65 mph, the CD player overheats; the sun visor wont stay upright; the dome light switch is very difficult to deal with; I love old classic chevys, but what a pile of dung for this day and age. Extremely disappointed.

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