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jake118, 11/17/2011
LS 4dr SUV 4WD
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These cars are great to use as stunt vehicles to be driven off a cliff and explode on impact. If there was a trophy for the junkiest cars on the market, these would be among the top competitors. I have owned 3 GM vehicles, and after going through numerous adventures I can honestly say that GM builds their cars specifically to break down in various places over and over again, so the owner would be obliged to have it fixed repeatedly. This probably keeps the gm business somewhat afloat through the money invested into parts and labor. for anyone who wants to avoid headaches and frustration, buy Japanese cars that have proven themselves Reliable, Efficient, and Long-lasting,you will be happier

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my blazer

chad, 02/08/2016
LT 4dr SUV
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Had this LT 2000 blazer for around 10 years. Now has 156000 miles. 4x4 still works, did quit working at one time, replaced all vacuum lines , which were dry rotting and 4x4 now works, no problem since. CD player works all the time, crap its 16 years old so I surprised it still works! Had some overheating problem, just running hot.. replaced thermostat, antifreeze and radiator, problem solved. Antifreeze is still clean, didn't turn black like many GM cars. Motor hasn't been a problem, still runs strong. Have replaced plugs and wires and last summer replaced all rotors/pads and a caliper with GM parts from Amazon and did labor myself, brakes are great. Needs a lower ball joint and all the rubber bushings underneath the vehicle are rotten. Have replaced 1 side of the sway bar rubber bushings, the new blue ones look great. Car is starting to rust but that was a problem I noticed when I bought it, looks like it was from a northern state with a lot of road salt? The transmission did need a rebuild last summer, was told it looked like someone put the wrong fluid in transmission, cost 850 and now is great. I hate the little bulbs that light up the buttons on the steering wheel, should have used LEDS not bulbs! They can be replaced though. Rear wiper motor is fried but rarely used it will replace with a junk yard motor. Been a really good vehicle overall, gas mileage could be better but would buy again. Recently had over a foot of snow/ice. Car did excellent in 4wd with cooper tires.

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Beware of blazer

jamel, 09/30/2009
LT 4dr SUV
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I currently own a 2000 chevy blazer and I thought I had a very reliable truck, however the truck is currently in the shop for lower manifold replacement due to a leak, new fuel pump about 3 months ago,new rear brakes about 2 months ago,fuel filter about 1 month ago, replaced alternator about 6 mos after I got it! replaced rad and hose 3 days ago! the list goes on! How can I remain true to a company when I have to foot all the bills!I wonder if GM bigwigs are driving Chevys? probably not!

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Worth owning but needs "Tweaks"

Dave, 05/22/2010
LS 2dr SUV
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Bought new in 2000. Been all over U.S. east of Miss. river on PGA since. Problems - Front seat recline handles break off, blind spot looking through small left rear window when turning left, AC Compressor weak (all GMs a problem with this), poor positioning of spare inside back left, exterior trim breaks down (plating on luggage rack, trim around rear windows, grill black trim, etc.), Stereo blows up around 30k locking the ignition and electrical. Overall a good ride though with good handling for a high riding SUV. Great acceleration (the V6 is mighty). Regular maintenance at 4000 miles gives you longevity. Would buy again.

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Where do i begin....

loby, 07/27/2011
LT 4dr SUV 4WD
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I bought my blazer in 2008, from the dealership, the gas gauge did not work. fixed. The first big investment was the intake gasket that went bad. It was replaced with a metal gasket, and shouldn't need replacing ever again. After that, it started acting very would be going down the road, and start hesitating, or lose power suddenly. I went through and replaced plugs, wires, distributer cap and rotor, air filter, gas filter, battery, cat, and exhaust, the fuel pump sounds like it's screaming, it gets terrible gas mileage, and the front dash squeaks. So far to fix the hesitation issue, i've dumbed a bottle of sea foam in the gas tank, which has helped for now.

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