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Dave Edwards, 07/24/2015
4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 4A)
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The reality of these fine cars, is that the market has not been kind to them. But that is a good thing for a guy like me, who is on a budget, and wants a nice, classy car. My 2004 Deville Base cost $35,000.00 + new in '04, but in March, 2015- with 107k on the odometer, it cost me $4,000.00 out the door of the dealer, with all taxes and fees, and smog paid. I have since fixed all the things that were known issues at purchase. I put on new General Altimax RT tires, new cross drilled and vented rotors and ceramic pads all around, and a new heater blower motor. Buying all the parts on Ebay- NEW for about half the price of a local auto parts store... and my costs are at about $5,200.00 YES, I then had a driver's door window regulator failure! EBAY- NEW AC Delco Motor, 61.50, and regulator- 30.99 Labor- 75 bucks. The REAL reason these regulators fail, is because GM used nylon/ plastic guide wheels. If they were made of aluminum, there would have been far less problems. If you encounter regulator failures BUY ON EBAY. I've heard that dealers can charge as much as 500 bucks to replace one. After seeing my mechanic do the job, I know I could do it myself. $168 is quite reasonable, I'd say. A note- the dealer I bought from, was DRIVING this car from Reno, to Tahoe daily.... because he dug it that much. Now, it's my turn. This car, is by far, the most classically 'handsome' Cadillac of the last 30 years, in my opinion. It handles like a sloth. I don't like that so much, as I drove high performance cars all my life. That said- the great angry song of the Northstar V-8 when you 'get on it' is a joy to hear! Mileage so far has been as 'bad' as 18.0 city, and as good as 23+ highway. Haven't taken it on a long highway trip yet. It is about the same as my Nissan Pathfinder. HEY! I bought a Cadillac, not a friggin' hippie Prius! I'm a very big man- 6'-2" and large framed. This is the most comfortable, roomy car I've ever owned. I'm also a bass player. My whole rig, two small speaker cabinets, two bass guitars and stands, a seat, and an amp head fit in the trunk, no problem. I drove this car from Reno to Elko, a four hour trip, both ways, if you do over 80 mph. I did. got 23 mpg., and felt like I was gliding over the road. I now have 117k on it. The driver's side window regulator just failed again! These are just poorly designed units. and apparently, the aftermarket ones are, too.. unless it's something else. I ordered a new regulator. 30 bucks. The motor sounds like it's still working. Left rear door window and locks are inoperative. All the motors and module work fine. It is a short in the harness somewhere. Makes no sense, as the rear doors hardly ever get used. It doesn't affect me, I never need to unlock (I can still do it manually) or roll down that window. I still love the car. A really nice ride. Almost two years owning this nice car, and the drivers window regulator failed again. This is a known issue with these on this model. use that door anyway. The other issue is I had to replace the oil pressure switch. I mentioned above- took this car to Elko, Nevada, from Reno, about a year ago, four hours there... and then back home to Reno a week later. Much of that trip is a 75 mph. speed limit. The car actually achieved 23 mpg. And that, is at 80+ mph! The comfort level has remained as it was when I got it, big, roomy, quiet, and very pleasant to drive. These cars are still very reasonable to purchase and own/ maintain. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another 2004+ model if the need arose. The city mileage varies, according to trip length, and my driving style. Observed is lower than my time of purchase... It is mainly used in the city right now- showing 16.9. Still a nice ride. Four years of ownership.... wow time flies! Still have the 'dead' rear door issue... and the power steering pump bearing went out- made a clicking noise.. Replaced it. Not too much money- but the system needs to be bled of air. Still it is a really nice, smooth and comfortable ride. When the time comes- I will be buying another one. Later model... but another Cadillac DeVille for sure. August, 2019... still driving it. 131k on it now, I have another car- a Subaru, to get around the sometimes VERY snowy and icy roads here in the Reno/ Tahoe area. The caddy is simply too low to the ground to be useful in anything but rain and light snow. Still have the bad rear left door. But a mechanic told me the issue could be in the front door harness. When I have time, I'll look for it. Still rides great, and runs excellent! I have NOT even changed the plugs in this car yet! I still love it. I was looking up some things for this car online, the list price for it was something even higher- I thought it was 45k, but, it was $56k list, new! I don't think they actually sold these at that price. Still, a lot of car for the money.

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archielmj, 03/14/2015
4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 4A)
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Bought this sparkling mint charcoal 04 Deville in 2009 for 45% of what it cost new with 55,000 km on it and had never seen rain. Deep tinted passenger and rear window and put on a Corsa aftermarket exhaust to give it a sexy look and sound. 5 yrs later, ive changed the oil, put on a new set of Michelins and kept it garaged. I love cruising in safety and style and this big ol' caddy gives me that. I can't imagine selling it since it wouldn't bring much, and to replace this level of luxury and comfort without laying out large money isn't going to happen. There is something to be said for the looks and manners of this 11 yr old car, and will likely keep it for another 10 years or more.

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Fantastic car for the price

ryannel2003, 09/08/2013
4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 4A)
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This is my 2nd Cadillac and I gotta tell you it's been a fantastic car so far. Paid $5k for an '04 with 106k miles. Talk about a steal. Car has a wonderful, smooth ride and bumps no longer exist. Plenty of room for friends or to just stretch out. Northstar V8 has plenty of power and gets decent fuel economy on the highway. Stereo is great and has plenty of power. Tons of rear seat and trunk space as well... Wow! Styling is conservative yet clean and elegant. Love the LED taillights. Handling... well there isn't so much of that LOL. It's not a Town Car but you can certainly tell you are driving big car. Really enjoying this car so far.

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Of the Town.

mrcadillacman, 06/20/2013
4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 4A)
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DeVille, literally translated from French to English means "of the town". All I want to do is drive this around town. Ventilated Cooled Front seats, heated seats, heated steering wheel, XM Radio, OnStar, integrated turn signals in the side mirrors, hands-free calling, And parking sensors just to name a few of my favorite features. I am a 20 year old male and I love LOVE driving this beautiful machine. I am proud to say "That's my Cadillac" My second DeVille and I will buy another Cadillac soon, after all, Cadillac is the new standard of the World, Right?

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performance on the cheap

tommy, 09/08/2008
DTS 4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 4A)
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What can I say this car is the Corvette for those of us over 6,5" (6,7") spirited acceleration with a growl of 300 hp and the smoothness of cruising on the highway @80 mph running lo rpm and quiet watching the estimated remaining miles to empty rise, city driving terrible like a big SUV since we have heavy feet syndrome but once on the highway my dts avgs 29- 32 mpg and the light platinum color which is liquid silver if you love your car glows endlessly day or night. A low mileage 32,265 off lease for $20k with tax and a 4 yr extended warranty this purchase cannot be beat, for $5k more or less than the std base deville this beauty is well worth it and only my third Cadillac off lease purchase

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