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A flawed masterpiece

PetrolFi, 12/03/2020
4dr Sedan (3.0L 6cyl Turbo gas/electric hybrid 8A)
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I have had the pleasure of owning this car for almost 2 years now. Picked up from a second hand dealer with verified CarFax. And a full service history mostly by BMW dealers. The car itself, is an absolute joy to drive. It truly is. But not without it's problems. I'll start with the bad first. The car is occasionally fragile, somewhat fussy, and when you hear the bong of doom, know that this could get really expensive. I have had to replace the fuel pump ($500), combi valve ($450), fuel pressure temp sensor ($250), hybrid control module ($900), passenger weight sensor ($1700). This is all separate from general oil changes and such which I do every 5000 miles on a schedule. I bought the car with high miles so I'm not surprised. I still need to replace the starter motor generator unit eventually, guibo disc and some suspension bushings. But those can wait. Now the good... The car is so quiet, luxurious and powerful. Different personalities depending on what settings you dial in. I drive like a grandpa most of the time. I'm the guy in the middle to slow lane. Doing the speed limit or 5mph over using cruise control on the highway. I usually use Eco Pro mode. On long distance drives I exceed the EPA rated MPG by quite some margin. Cruising at between 70-75 mph I get get an average of 37 MPG between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. A distance of 290 miles on my trip computer. So, if treated sensibly, this car is incredibly efficient for it's class especially considering the size of the engine and it's power. Put her into Sport mode on both the Driving Experience switch and the transmission into sport? Whole different animal. The engine note changes, the throttle sharpens, suspension is stiffer, and the roar that comes out of the engine is a satisfying snarl. Almost 400 hp in E-Boost mode is on tap. I have timed 0-60 in 5.5s and have backed off north of 130 mph. The car will eventually be reined in at 160 mph by an electronic governor. In the bends, the car does a great job controlling its weight, but you are aware that this is a heavy beast. Turn off all stability systems and she WILL hang the tail out nicely. Just be aware that there isn't much feel from the electronic steering but you get a good sense of where grip levels are. On the practicality side, the boot/trunk is small for a car this size. Most of the space is taken up by the hybrid system battery so the seats can't fold down. Forget about decent sized cupholders in the front or in the doors, you get the ones on the center console which are revealed by a very cool button click and that's it. Seating position is comfortable, mine came with lumbar support, suspension is comfortable when in eco pro or comfort but you can still feel bumps and road noise depending on your tires and the road surface. But for the most part, this is an efficient luxury high performance sedan that will soothe you on the long drive home, and thrill you if you decide to have a little fun. There is a lovely amount of technology on offer, from a high resolution center screen with navigation, satellite radio and even app connectivity to find the cars location, send addresses to the navigation system, or flash lights and lock or unlock the doors. Final note, Insurance is expensive. Even though my car is a few years old now (and I'm in my mid 30's, accident free for a decade. licensed for over 15 years) you still pay a premium to cover this vehicle. Probably because I'm in California. Your mileage may vary. To conclude, A wonderful but flawed car, where when the moment is just right you forgive it's shortcomings.

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