Honda S660 Concept: 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

Honda S660 Concept: 2013 Tokyo Auto Show

2013 Tokyo Auto Show

What Is It?
Honda S660 Concept

What's Special About It?
The 2013 Tokyo Auto Show is filled with more Kei cars than we care to mention. They're small, goofy and generally about as interesting as the book of regulations that governs their diminutive size. The Honda S660, however, stands out. Not only is this concept a midengine car in the vein of the Honda Beat, but it's a slick convertible with NSX-derived style to spare.

Power in the S660 comes from, you guessed it, a 660cc three-cylinder motor hooked up to an automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. The whole package is estimated to weigh in at or under 2,000 pounds.

As a car that's designed to meet Kei Car regulations, the S660 is simply too small to sell in North America, but has been approved for sale in the European market. Representatives from Honda said that nothing was off the table, but that demand would have to be clear and voluminous for a production push. Enthusiasts got the FR-S/BRZ built, after all.

What Edmunds Says: The Honda S660 concept would need an incredible amount of work to be viable for the U.S. market. That said, we want a small midengine sports car in a bad way, and with Honda's new lineup of turbocharged VTEC motors, including the 1.0-liter, this thing could be a riot.

Base Price: N/A
Engine: 660cc
Fuel Mileage: N/A

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