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2014 Detroit Auto Show: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R (FAQ)

2014 Detroit Auto Show

What Is It?
2015 Volkswagen Golf R

What's New About This Model?
The 2015 Volkswagen Golf R is a high-performance version of the latest Golf. It is similar in concept to the existing Golf R, but based on an entirely new platform. The new Golf R is faster, more powerful and more fuel-efficient than the current model.

When Does It Go on Sale?
Volkswagen said it expects to have the 2015 Golf R in dealers in the first quarter of 2015.

How Much Does It Cost?
No official pricing has been released yet, but we expect the Golf R will be priced slightly higher than the current four-door model which ranges from $34,795 to $36,515.

How Many Body Styles Are There?
The 2015 Golf R will be sold as a four-door hatchback only, rather than offering a choice of two or four doors as is the case with the current Golf R.

What Kind of Engine and Transmissions Does It Have?
ˇ 2.0-liter turbocharged and direct injected four-cylinder, 290 horsepower, 280 lb-ft of torque
ˇ Six-speed manual or dual-clutch automated manual transmission
ˇ All-wheel drive only

What Unique Features Does It Offer?
The 2015 Volkswagen Golf R has unique body and cabin treatments, the latest version of the company's all-wheel-drive system and next-generation navigation and radio controls. The latter will be accessed through a 5.8-inch touchscreen.

What Models Will It Compete Against?
Subaru WRX: Less expensive and less powerful, the all-new WRX nonetheless offers a significantly sharpened driving experience. No hatchback body style is offered, however.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution: The Lancer Evolution is hugely capable, but is less plush and its interior more bare-bones. Like the WRX, it comes as a four-door sedan only.

Audi S3: In principle, the S3 will be the sedan version of the Golf R since they will share many parts (Volkswagen owns Audi). The S3 will be available during the fall of 2014.

Should You Wait for It?
The current Golf R is comfortable, quick and refined. The 2015 model promises to follow the same formula but with even more performance, fuel efficiency and the availability of an automatic gearbox. Still, if you can drive a manual, the current car remains a fine choice.

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