2013 Detroit Auto Show: BMW 4 Series Concept

2013 Detroit Auto Show: BMW 4 Series Concept

2013 Detroit Auto Show

What Is It?
BMW 4 Series Concept

What's Special About It?
Wearing two doors and riding on the 3 Series platform, the 4 Series Concept is the car formerly known as the 3 Series coupe. Wipe the side mirrors, front fascia and wheels away and you're looking at the production version of the BMW 4 Series, the replacement for the 3 Series coupe. Riding on the current 3 Series platform, the 4 Series is a 3 Series coupe in all but name.

BMW says that logic behind the nomenclature change is so that all of its coupes start with an even digit (sedans start with an odd digit). As for the 4 Series Concept that rolled onto the floor, it doesn't stray far from the successful theme established by the E92 (current 3er coupe). That's no bad thing. The coupe has graceful lines and a familial look with just a touch of aggression. Some of that aggression in the front end won't make it to production, to be sure.

If you want one, you won't have to wait long. Production of the 4 Series begins this spring.

What Edmunds Says:
Lower, with a wider track and longer wheelbase, the new 3 Series coupe 4 Series Concept is a looker.

Dimensions: 182.7-inch length, 110.7-inch wheelbase, 60.9-inch front track, 62.8-inch rear track

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