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Heads won't stop turning to look at S5!

eddieversace, 04/13/2010
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If you want to keep a low profile and go un-noticed then, this is NOT the car to drive.I inherited enough money in Jan. 2010 to be able to buy me this car with cash in March 2010. I knew I wanted a Luxury/Sport Coupe, and narrowed it down to this or the Infiniti G37.Deciding factor for me was the way the Audi S5 Coupe felt while driving it. This car demands the attention of everyone within view with its sensory charged design and gadget options. Love the rims that came on the car but have already scraped them on two curbs. My auto insurance also increased from $145.00 per month premium to $414.00 per month. But, Its Worth It! Hoped the Convertible was AWD though!

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kipn, 12/10/2011
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I just purchased this car and absolutely love it. Everything is what you would expect and more from a premuim performance coupe. The major defining factor in choosing this car was when I heard the engine start; knew at this point that I had to have it. It is understated and over performing, but people can't take their eyes off of it. Another very nice feature is that you don't see many on the road. 3600 sold in the entire country last year. If you are considering one, their is no reason to hold back!

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Just bought the S5

cleveland, 10/15/2010
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I bought the Audi S5 last month. I was torn between waiting for the supercharged V6, or getting the V8. After all of my research, I discovered, that the V6 will be on average 2-3 miles per gallon more efficient. Which if you drive 15,000 miles a year, and extrapolate over a 5 year car ownership averages to about $2000 saved for the V6. I chose the V8 because I test drove both engines, and the V8 just sounds better, feels better, and I personally like feeling the gears change and shift, because it makes me feel that I am driving a rocket. The car is beautiful, handles superbly, the interior is well- appointed, and looks great. The MMI did require some learning, but I'm good with it now.

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Very Sexy Car

micash, 04/16/2011
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I was a die hard Lexus owner but saw the S5 at the airport and knew I had to have one. It is the sexiest car I have ever seen and people literally turn their heads everywhere I go. I live the Dallas area and have only seen 3 other S5s on the road since I purchased it 8 months ago. The dealership had already added Stasis (something I otherwise would not have paid for but my husband loves it) and the engine roar is unbelievable. Coming from a very quiet Lexus, the engine noise seemed a little loud at first but now I don't even hear it anymore. I'm a fairly aggressive driver and absolutely love the handling and overall maneuverability of this car.

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You won't be disappointed

Mac, 10/08/2009
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My first Audi and this car is awesome! The S5 is worth the extra $. Great sound, performance, style and handling. I've only had for 1 month so far, but all is good. The "new" navi system & tech pkg is nice and my two kids are fine with back seat area (rare for a coupe). The only option I ordered was the "Prestige Pkg". I'm not a track guy but I do enjoy performance driving. I've heard good things about Spt Diff, Drv Select, and Drv Asst pkgs as well. This is my 1st Tiptronic (all previous cars were 6sp) and I like the "sport option" shift mode as well as the "paddle shifting". I'm through the break in period and the car is a delight to drive. It's my daily driver, no regrets.

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