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This Car is Awesome

Chris, 01/10/2005
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I bought my Audi S4 about a month ago. So far its been a totally awesome car. The car is absolutely perfect so far (knock on wood) and I can't seem to stop driving it. The build quality and attention to detail is amazing. The car is so solid its built like a brick. Maybe its to early to foercast reliability but so far the car is perfect. And I hope it stays that way :)

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lil' woody on rails

Bobert, 11/04/2005
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This car rips! After one year, have not found handling limits yet. V8 not torquey in muscle car style but really screams towards redline. Throw your bike or skis in the back and go carve up (and down) a canyon. Bose stereo took quite a while to break in but worth the wait. Where else can you get this level of performance and a stick w this level of practicality?

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Quattro Delight

Myko, 10/11/2004
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I have a 2005 and while we have only had it for six weeks I can't overemphasise the delight and fun it is to drive. The car does not scream out visually but does so in terms of performance and sheer enjoyment of driving and handling on mountain roads. It is a bit of a glutton for gas. A real wolf in sheeps clothing. Lots of fun.

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Sleeper wagon

kevfitz3, 11/14/2004
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This is my second S4 (also have a 2000 six speed S4 sedan) and what an improvement in overall body rigidity and solid feel. The V8 sounds seriously potent and it is. The torque is instantaneous and neck-snapping. A joy to drive fast or just cruising. Not your normal station wagon!

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Audi S4 review

Mainhitman, 03/06/2005
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I have had an interesting experience with my leased 2005 S4 Avant. After one day with the car I noticed a large oil leak under it. To make a long story short, the car had a bad gasket, my dealer repaired the problem and Audi of America compensated me for the headache. Otherwise the car has been a joy todrive and I love this vehicle.

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M3 beater

mark, 05/07/2005
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BMW's M3 really is a phenominal car; quick, solid and good looking, but how many do you see around. The S4 is understated and, for an estate, very attractive. Straight line the BMW will win, driving entertainment and again the M3 pips the Audi to the post but for sheer aural entertainment nothing can beat a V8 (except a V10). Not only that, but Audi's Quattro system means that 344PS is avaiable come rain or shine an awesomely inspiring piece of German engineering - next time Audi, a little rear bias on the Quattro and that sacrifice in grip will be more than made up for in driving entertainment.

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This Thing Rips

bcze1, 12/01/2005
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Amazing all around package. Perfect compromise for those who need cargo space and the ability to blow the doors off anything with a Hemi. I ski a lot, and once the snow tires are on, there is no better, or faster, way to the mountains. Also, nobody does better interiors than Audi. Top-notch materials, easy to operate, and everything right where it should be. It's great when in a car this fast you don't have to take your eyes off the road to turn down the stereo.

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I bought it not knowing what it needed...

Finn Quinlan, 11/05/2016
Avant quattro AWD 4dr Wagon (4.2L 8cyl 6A)
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Let me start this review by saying wow. This car is literally awesome and every ounce of performance and style is there. I'm 6'6" and with the seat all the way back lol i have great leg and head room in my avant. I think the design is honestly pretty poor on the interior side because when i have my seat back all the way and the passenger is getting comfortable with the seat but not all the way back. The back seats literally have no leg room. I think if they had given just 4 inches of the back seats and moved them back about 4" it would be fine. The trunk is still huge anyway. I bought it as my first car at 17 years old, i know now that I've bought a gem and i love the car extremely. I bought it with minor cosmetic problems but i knew that when i bought it for a steal. So far since I've had it, I've driven it for 6 fun-filled and gas guzzled days and then it broke. It was leaking anti freeze and had almost no oil in it, had in known that before i made the purchase, id own a sedan s4. Even with that, i love the avant and would never trade it for a sedan ever. Never ever. Im already rebuilding the entire engine so hopefully after this the car is in mint condition which it should be and ill drive it till the wheels fall off.

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good car so far

Rade, 03/31/2005
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only one problem as the diagnostics computer had to be replaced after continious check engine light malfunctions. Totally solid in the rain and any other driving condition. She loves to drink, but i suppose one should be able to afford the fuel if they can afford the car.

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My 2005 S4 Avant

S4 GTR, 09/13/2004
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I got my S4 Avant about 6weeks now with 1500miles on the clock... Very happy with my decision, Got AWD, 4doors with a wagon, 340HP and a set of RECARO seats!

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Superb All Around Performance Car

Scad, 01/01/2005
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I have had My Audi S4 for 3 months now and have put about 1,600 miles on it. It has exceeded my high expectations. Any concerns I had about reliability issues based on early '04 reports are completely gone as I've had no problems at all. This is a superb vehicle for those who want a true very high performance car (faster around the track than an M3 in some magazine reports), but also want true practicality and comfort as well. This provides virtually the best of all possible worlds with almost no compromises in performance or comfort.

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