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AWESOME CAR! nothing like it on the road

joedepaul, 01/17/2012
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Got over 100K miles and drives better than great. Recently forked over a grand to get belts and pump changed as is routine for a vehicle with these many miles. Worth every penny for peace of mind. I can't say enough about the styling. There's no other car out there in this class, new or old, that looks this good. You would think the interior would be dated but looks better than a lot of the newer luxury brands out there. The car looks great both inside and out! Quality superb! Driving dynamics and performance will keep pace with a brand new german or japanese sports sedan any day of the week. \And I have never, NEVER EVER driven a better car or SUV in the snow! AWESOME CAR!

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Best car I've ever owned

Stephen, 12/22/2009
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This is my sixth Audi Quattro. I'm an AWD only person, living in snowy MI. The V8 and the air suspension are wonderful. The interior is gorgeous, and I can drive it all day and feel SO coddled. I feel that this is a "no excuses" car. No matter the weather, the road (no holes in the oil pan due to rocks!) or the occasion (black tie dinner or plaid shirt camping trip), this vehicle delivers. I love this allroad. I have the monochromatic silver body and I really like the sophisticated, yet ruggedly athletic, look of this wagon. My wife's car is a 1995 Audi S6, which is not too shabby, either, but does not have the "no excuses" aspect of this careful on rocky roads!

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Adore my allroad

ftauber, 02/24/2012
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I traded my Lexus RX300 for this 04 Allroad three years ago. The Lexus was wonderful and reliable but the Allroad is so much more fun to drive. The Allroad has 170k and it drives like a new car. I have had some minor problems brake light switch, window regulator, temp sensor, water pump, 1 front ball joint, spark plug coils, 1 cv joint and brake pads. in the last 50k. I have owned a BMW 540i and although I loved it the Allroad is even more fun to drive. My wife drives a Volvo XR-70 which is a wonderful auto but it cannot compare to my Allroad in the fun to drive catagory. My biggest delema now is what to buy next so I have decided to keep this Allroad as long as I can

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The "end-all be-all" crossover vehice

jdwing17, 08/17/2003
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this vehicle is trully the "end-all be- all" crossover vehicle. Drives like a proformance car but carries a load. Looks good on the strip or in a stream. versatility makes this a star. Amazing handling on all road surfaces, this car also handles extreme driving conditions with ease. I am not a dealer, or stock owner, but this car fits in tight spaces and feels as solid as a truck. People mover or furniture carrier, this car does everything... trully; "the ultimate driving machine."

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2004 Allroad V-8 4.2 L

Yong, 08/25/2010
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I bought the car for its looks and engine and having owned another Audi for 10 years. I must admit it was a fun car to drive but then it started to go down slope after I bought it. One day, my wife forgot to turn off the lights, somehow both front air- springs went after 8 hours. That's three grands of repair. Then the windows switch went bad, and together with the transmission seal, another grand. Today took my car in for check engine light, the torque converter needs to be replaced, the cost: $3700. I wanted to keep the car but can't afforest it anymore. Granted I bought the car used, but at 75K miles the car is falling apart. Is it true that you can only lease Audi now?

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Great, reliable vehicle

Tigerfish, 08/22/2009
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I've owned the car for 3 years and am living in central Idaho. We received 300+ inches of snowfall this year and have dirt roads to contend with in the summer. Aside from a couple of minor oversights, like front seat cup holder placements and a split rear seat that only folds one way, this wagon is arguably the best on the road. Coupled with a 6-speed manual gearbox and it delivers excitement at every shift.

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German cars are expensive but in my experience reliable if cared for properly as with any car

content4evr, 11/05/2011
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I've owned my 2004 Audi Allroad 2.7T V6 automatic for 7 years. Still enjoy getting myself behind the wheel each morning. Given the fact I've pampered the vehicle in a garage for all this time and brought it in for routine maintenance religiously using nothing but synthetic oils, this vehicle has returned the favor by giving me reliable service and performance for 135k and counting. When the time comes to swtich to a new car I have no idea what I'm going to do. This car is the perfect blend of German performance, design, luxury, all-weather ruggedness, space and utilitarian conveniences. Can't think of another vehicle in todays market that blend these qualities as well as the Allroad!

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2004 Audi Allroad - Super Car 2.7 V6 Biturbo

stevoid123, 09/07/2012
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Bought this car used from a dealer in Rockland Ontario. It's a 2004 Allroad 2.7 V6 5-spd automatc. I was able to find the Audi dealer in Montreal who serviced the car and obtained all the service records from Audi. There was a 50$ service charge but well worth it. The previous owner's name was blacked out but all details were there indicating full professional service and verifying the mileage. After a few weeks I had to replace 2 front upper control arms and fix a transmission oil leak. After 18 months I decided to upgrade the air suspension.

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great all weather car

steeltag, 08/31/2014
AWD 4dr Wagon (2.7L 6cyl Turbo 6M)
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I bought this at 137k miles so some of the well known problems/maintenance had been performed already. It now has 145k miles and I really like it! superb all weather traction/capability, comfortable, quiet and powerful Since this is a 6 spd manual car, no troublesome auto tranny issues, but will need a clutch b4 long, Needs both front cv axles replaced (normal wear item), and some oil leaks fixed. Not as solid build quality as I'd thought it would be, several plastic breaking issues. I think this is a great USED car buy IF....proper maintenance has performed and you don't take it to the DEALER, get good independent mechanic. Update: 159k. More oil leaks repaired, expensive hoses($180), windshield( normal wear), brakes, water pump, thermostat (caused overheating ). Still like the cars capabilities, should be past most wear items for a while ( only paid 8% of original purchase price ). Great performance after computer remapping ( 'chip'), definitely worth it. Update 9/4/18: Still feel the greatest value of this auto is it’s capability in bad weather, 2nd: it’s a wagon so nice carrying/ storage capacity,3rd with performance flashed ecm , power is great ! Downsides: oil leakage is worse than my Jeep grand wagoneer! Always something is leaking, on German cars, parts can be expensive. To fix the current turbo oil leakage, I’d have to pull the turbo which requires pulling the motor to get to both of them! So, I just live with the leak. It’s a secondary type car for us so it’s not a deal killer.

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Hunk of Junk

allroadjunk, 02/02/2011
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Buyers beware of this Audi at any price! I traded in my wife’s Lexus RX300 with 100K (great car) for a 2004 All Road with 75K. A week after we got the Audi the turn signal failed and the part cost over $100. To make things worse, it is under a front dash plate that is impossible to remove without breaking the cheap tabs that hold the metal clips ($150 to replace). Within a month it started to leak oil and I was told that the seal was a known problem and impossible to replace without a top end tear down (eight hours of labor). I did this repair and the trimming belt at a cost of over $2,600. Then a coil went and I was told to replace all six due to an Audi recall. A few months later warning lights started coming on and sensors that cost $300 plus to replace started to become common. I am now at 90K and I have another oil leak going to the turbo (min $500) and the air suspension has gone bad ($1,700 per wheel and should be done in pairs) and my check engine and ABS lights are going on and off. After owning over 65 cars, this is truly the biggest hunk of junk! Audi should step up and do a recall on the suspension and oil problems. While they did the right thing by discontinuing the “All Road” model they apparently still have many problems with the A6 (according to a 2010 worst rating survey) and God help you if you have an A8. My brother gave his to the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

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