Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck Gets Serious Consideration |

Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck Gets Serious Consideration

Just the Facts:
  • Jeep is considering adding a Wrangler-based pickup truck to its product portfolio, Edmunds has learned.
  • Jeep's CEO wants a Wrangler pickup; 2017 is the possible target date.
  • The pickup would be designed for lifestyle-oriented activities and limited commercial applications.

CHICAGO — If Jeep CEO Michael Manley has his way, Jeep will be offering a Wrangler-based pickup in a few years, possibly four.

"I am convinced there is a market," said Manley in an interview with Edmunds at the 2013 Chicago Auto . "I think if we were going to do it, the appropriate time would be the model changeover of Wrangler."

The redesigned Wrangler was expected to debut around 2015. However, the vehicle plan described to analysts recently by the Chrysler Group places the debut of an unnamed redesigned model, presumably the Wrangler, in 2017.

Manley said the pickup envisioned for Jeep would be "a lifestyle-oriented pickup." It likely would target Wrangler owners who need the functionality that a pickup bed offers, such as carrying an all-terrain vehicle, for example.

Chrysler's Mopar parts group offers a conversion package to turn a Wrangler into a pickup truck. The parts package costs about $5,500 not including the cost for labor.

Manley said a Wrangler-based pickup would be sold globally and would be engineered to handle some commercial applications in the United States, the Middle East, Africa and possibly Australia. For example, models could be equipped to carry fire-fighting or logging equipment in forest areas.

However, a Wrangler pickup would not be engineered to compete toe-to-toe with Ram pickups in North America, he said, nor globally with those commercial pickups that are "low-cost of ownership workhorses." In particular, a Wrangler pickup would not be engineered to carry what he described as a metric ton (2,205 pounds).

Manley said the automaker still needs to determine if it has the resources to approve production.

"We will tackle that hurdle when it comes up," he said.

Another issue might be a production site. Although Manley did not address the issue, the Toledo, Ohio, plant that assembles the current Wrangler is having a difficult time keeping up with demand for two- and four-door models. Jeep sold nearly 142,000 Wranglers last year, a 16 percent increase over 2011. Sales jumped 12 percent last month, compared with January 2012. The plant might need to be expanded if a pickup is approved.

Talk of a Jeep Wrangler pickup truck calls to mind such concept vehicles as the Jeep Gladiator, which debuted at the 2005 Detroit Auto Show. At the time, Jeep called the truck a "lifestyle pickup." It featured an open-air canvas roof, removable doors and a fold-down windshield. It was called "an authentic statement of Jeep brand heritage that explores what shape and features a modern Jeep pickup might have," according to a Chrysler statement.

Edmunds says: A pickup seems like a logical extension of the Wrangler line. But if Wrangler sales remain strong, finding a production site may be an issue.


  • quadricycle quadricycle Posts:

    I just want the Mighty FC concept truck. I would buy THAT, not the awkward looking thing pictured above.

  • pommah pommah Posts:

    Please just keep it light, simple, and reasonably priced. I can't stand all of the big 3's enormous luxe-barges masquerading as working vehicles

  • soakee_ soakee_ Posts:

    Talk of Wrangler Pickup brings to my mind thoughts of the Jeep Scrambler. Hello, anyone remember those?

  • Why not Jeep, considering how every maker is leaving this midsized truck market to focus on fullsize only. I love the fullsized trucks but midsized fits me better for my needs and I have always liked how a midsized was better in the dirt and offroad.

  • moparfan5 moparfan5 Posts:

    they should quit talking and build the damn thing

  • autowatcher autowatcher Posts:

    A mid sized one a little smaller than the Dakota or Ranger. Diesel engine 4WD, my mouth is watering. This would open a new non conflict with RAM. Don't wait for someone else to do it, the Jeep Brand is hot, and this one will really keep it hot. It'a a total no brainer. Not just the US but the whole WORLD wants it. Stop making chatter & get going. If you snooze, you loose!!!!!!

  • lynnmonson lynnmonson Posts:

    would love to see Jeep bring back A pick up truck then we can REALLY go places!!!

  • defender1 defender1 Posts:

    In Britain, I own Land Rover Defenders which are loosely based from the Jeep originals and the models have conquered the world. In my opinion, Jeep need to get cracking and build modestly-priced Jeep Gladiator or J12 pickup since there's clearly a need for a small-medium, GP pickup truck in the US and further afield. My 1992 Defender 90 is the stalwart of the iconic range and it has a 2.5Tdi 'bullet-proof' engine but in all other areas the vehicle is strictly utilitarian. Naturally it cannot meet with EPA's current legislation but there is a huge demand (as can be seen in the US Defender sites) or this vehicle type in the US and Jeep could go a long way to recapture that market, if they modernised an offering like the Gladiator or J12. Keep it light in construction with an alloy 1.5-2.0lt gas engine and a 2.5lt diesel option. Selectable AWD, since many people would use 2WD on-road and this would further improve mpg, as would an optional manual gearbox but for the US, an automatic gearbox is almost a must-have. Give it decent ground-clearance, coil-springs , air-con and a versatile bed-length & weight capacity as well as models in single-cab and double-cab form with options from the Defender-like utilitarian to 'city-slickers' expectations and at a price which undercuts the base Toyota Tacoma and Jeep will never look back.

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