Gen Y Car Shoppers Want Latest Safety Features, Study Reveals |

Gen Y Car Shoppers Demand High-Tech, Driverless Features, Study Reveals

Just the Facts:
  • Gen Y car shoppers want the most advanced safety systems found in cars, a new study has found.
  • The most popular features include lane-changing warning systems, collision-warning systems, automatic-braking systems and fully automatic parking, the Accenture study said.
  • Connected vehicle technology is also rapidly becoming a key car-purchasing criterion, Accenture said.

NEW YORK — Gen Y car shoppers want the most advanced safety systems and connected vehicle technology available, a new study has found.

The most popular features include lane-changing warning systems, collision-warning systems, automatic braking systems and fully automatic parking, the Accenture study said.

Ninety percent of the 14,000 respondents surveyed in 12 countries, including the U.S. said they want the same safety systems found on driverless cars.

"The survey shows that drivers are twice as likely to choose a car based on in-vehicle technology options than its performance, demonstrating the continued importance of the connected vehicle to the automotive industry," Accenture said.

The study underscores just how much consumers are interested in technology, as opposed to basics such as horsepower.

"Connected vehicle technology is rapidly becoming a key car-purchasing criterion," said Luca Mentuccia, global managing director for Accenture's Automotive practice, in a statement.

However, drivers in the U.S. have the lowest interest in connected navigation services such as real-time traffic information and have very low interest in productivity services, such as e-mail and calendar access, according to the survey.

Accenture foresees a rise of "concierge-type digital services as drivers outsource the real-time monitoring of engine performance to third-party service providers."

Edmunds says: Instead of kicking tires, the youngest generation of car buyers wants to touch screens before choosing a car, a trend that automakers are keenly watching.


  • stovt001_ stovt001_ Posts:

    I'm generation Y and active safety features are a big factor in my car preferences, except I prefer cars that have as few of them as possible. I find it insulting that the automakers think I can't look out a window or use a simple mirror, or apply the brakes correctly myself, or parallel park a car. I don't want lights blinking at me every time another car pulls up alongside. My cars don't have blind spots because I adjust my mirrors correctly.

  • csubowtie csubowtie Posts:

    This makes me very sad, and I am also part of generation Y. I'm not at all surprised at these findings, it's just a real bummer that the auto industry is being steered by executives and ,more importantly, customers who don't like or care about cars. It is apparent that to most people, driving is simply an inconvience, not a privilage or pleasure. Nothing like having your passion destroyed by people who simply don't care about it.

  • themandarin themandarin Posts:

    "Gen Y Car Shoppers Demand High-Tech, Driverless Features" like iPhones

  • subiefan10 subiefan10 Posts:

    As part of Gen Y (23yro) the last thing I want is a car that drives for me. As great as technology has gotten there is still a failure factor involved. If a software/computer company can't even make a OS without bugs, how am I supposed to trust it in a car? Sorry, but I'd rather trust my own instincts than that of a computer, I'm not that lazy and inefficient. Are people just too lazy these days to teach the fundamentals of driving that we need little computers and sensors everywhere to tell us, or are we getting that stupid? Or are people's faces stuck too far into their cell phones while they are driving that they are unaware (and probably just don't care)? I won't downplay that its great for safety, it just seems like with each new generation, things get more dumbed down as we go. I'd rather have a good performing car than a car that's a computer.

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