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Fun car. Buggy with age.

cygnuspix, 05/30/2014
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I have my '05 T5 (FWD) since day one - just a hair over 9 years now (and is an auto transmission, but somehow not an option here). I still love getting in to it twice a day for a 30 mile commute. The fuel economy is tough to beat, averaging 32MPG. However, it is fussy and likes to be babied to avoid issues. My fuel pressure sensor failed, causing tremendous ride issues, but no error code was generated, therefore the dealer threw up their hands at the issue, and wanted $450 parts/labor to replace it. The part is $50 on, and takes 1 hour to install. If you feel the car lose power or otherwise ride rough, look into changing this sensor!

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Good car but...

letodo, 11/13/2014
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Safety- big win here- got swiped by a Lexus LX trying to get into my lane- nothing but a tiny scratch. Rear ended by a Honda- the front bumper of the Honda was torn off but I only had a small scratch. Performance- no, it is not a BMW 3 series but it does 80% of what the BMW does for $10,000 less (compared with same options). Ride is a bit harsh. Reliability- flawless since I got it... until recently. Ignition switch, engine motor mount, engine speed sensor all failed at once. Parasitic draw from trunk wiring 2 months prior to that. Running costs- expensive (more on that below)

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LOVE this car!

volvodrvr2, 09/18/2014
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I bought this car used a year and a half ago and after much debate while searching for a car, I am still 100% in love with my S40. The "high" maintenance bills (it did need the timing belt replaced for being over 100k - $700) and "Volvo" stigma were intimidating at first, but now that I've had the car I know it was still a solid choice. It's got all the features I wanted, gets good gas mileage and is a great looking car. 30k on it in my year and a half of ownership (now 135k) and it still runs like a champ!

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2005 Volvo S40 T5 FWD Great and fun car!

khyelton, 03/03/2011
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I just turned 16 and my parents bought me this car for my first car. I have had it almost a year now, and it has almost 100,000 miles on it and it is just as great as the day I drove it off the lot. It handle's great on country roads, and even better on interstate's which is where I usually drive. It gets a combined average 25 MPG. I use 93 octane (premium) fuel and it seems to get better gas milage. I haven't had any problems out of this car! It has been a great car, and look forward to driving it for another 10 years. Just had an oil chage, new brakes, tires, and detailed, and it is good as new! I have never had any trouble out of this car! It's an amazing car!

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Some important issues to be aware of

harry, 03/30/2017
T5 Fwd 4dr Sedan (2.5L 5cyl Turbo 6M)
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There is a known design defect where, if the sunroof drains that run down the doors of the car clog, water drains into the interior of the car from the lower part of the doors. Absolutely ridiculous. You need to regularly clear the drains with compressed air. My interior is ruined as a result of water damage. Also, 2005 models don't come with an auxiliary jack or bluetooth, and you can't put an aftermarket CD player in. You're looking at around $1000 to replace the CD player at the dealership if something goes wrong. It also seems the only problems I've had with the car required me to go to the dealership for repairs.

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