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I got this back in high school...

rilezz13, 12/22/2010
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I got my black Passat when I was a sophomore in high school. The thing I love most about VWs is the German prestige that comes with the car. Theres something about the way European cars carry themselves as they sail down the highway. I previously owned a 2000 VW Jetta that I absolutly loved. The Passat is technically a superior car, but I think I'll buy another Jetta in the future. If you are thinking of buying one with the turbocharged engine, you MUST MUST use fully synthetic oil and change it every 3 thousand miles.

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Well... Just don't drive it into water

durasara, 08/20/2013
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First of all. I got the GLX v6 4motion I bought this car when it had 110,000 miles on it. Sounds crazy, but I bought it for 5k. The carfax showed that the previous owner had already taken care of the major maintenance stuff that starts popping up at around 80k. I can imagine, if I had owned the car during that time period I would have thought it was the worst car in the world. But I didn't. All I had to do was normal maintenance stuff. I brought it up to 210k miles and was still driving like new. So fun around corners and handled snow really well. Until... I was going to school and the street was flooded. Yaris and cruze made it through, Passat died. I really will miss this car.

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Surprisingly a good little car

gashley2, 12/21/2014
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Owned a 2003 Skoda Octavia in Germany was a fun car. Bought the closes thing to it in the US. the 1.8L is fun and great on MPG! I get better mileage then the EPA rating best i got was 40MPG on a road trip! Passat has great styling i think and rides nice really luxurious for what it is. Previous owner did all the differed maintenance cv axels, fuel pump, valve cover gaskets, heater core, timing belt, water pump etc... Currently has 180,000 mile on it and I really like the car, I will drive the wheels off of this car! Great on snow with regular tires. Only thing wrong is the trans makes a LOUD slam noise when downshifts when exiting the interstate, when that goes Ill buy something else.

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If you know how to work on car, this is for you

saneesh8, 02/14/2012
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Initially by spending all the money on repairs at stealership, i thought it is bad car. But once i started doing by my own with help from, not expensive. Or get information from the above website and find a trusted cheap mechanic. If you follow the simple rules like 40W full synthetic oil every 5k, change ATF at every 60K (Castrol import ATF is fine - from AZ) clean combi valve once in 2 yr, will run longer than a Toyota or Honda. Once you cross 100k, gaskets, hoses, Fuel filter and Timing belt (at 80K). Overall reliable car, decent MPG and most importantly safe. Premium fuel is bad side and don't need to use OEM expensive parts. My car close to 100k going strong..

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Loved this car

Chuck, 01/16/2010
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I had one of these cars and i absolutely loved it. No problems other than a headlight going out (which the dealership fixed for free) In 2006 when the lease was up my wife wanted a new car so we got a Mazda 6 GT it didn't last a year before $15.000 engine repair. I changed to an Asian car because they are supposed to be so reliable, now I am looking for another VW.

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