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no probs

m j, 01/21/2009
GLS 2dr Hatchback (midyear)
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This car is a beast, I never had any problems like these other reviewers, the only problems I have ever had with this car is the with the catalytic converter, and the sunroof always gets stuck, but the sun roof has gotten stuck in every car I have ever scene with a sunroof. So that's not to go against the car. Back to the cat/converter, I had to replace that twice thus far to pass emissions inspections, its in a bad spot (very low to the ground) I find rust takes its toll faster then most other cars, and it is about 700 each time to fix /after labour (usd) other then that I love this, and will be getting another VW in the future.

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TOMYUBU, 06/19/2002
VR6 2dr Hatchback
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I brought 1999 GTI VR6 back in Jan 2002. It had 35,800 miles. After 1 day, the cruise control stop working. The dealer fixed it for free. Then about 2 months later, driver side power window stop working. I fixed it and cost me close to $400. Then about a month after that Check engine came on. The oxygen sensor went bad. Three weeks later, while my brother was driving it, I believe the timing belt went bad, and he had to tow the car. Other than these numerous problems, its an ok car. The VW dealer ship was not helpful at all, and when my brother made a compliant about it to the VW customer care, the operator was very rude.

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Your windows WILL stop working.

fiebke, 05/09/2002
GLX VR6 2dr Hatchback (midyear)
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I've had this car for a year, and would love it if the power windows haven't ceased working THREE times and if I hadn't found someone waiting with me at the dealership while getting it fixed who had the same problem. It would bother me if VW would admit to the problem with the design and fix it. VW dealerships are the most arrogant I've ever dealt with.

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fun but unreliable

vp, 08/14/2002
GLS 2dr Hatchback (midyear)
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It's fun to drive and is thoughtfully designed. You can feel the quality build compared to other cars in it's class. However, my GTI has had numerous problems over the past three years. odometer replaced. A/C leaked into passenger side. replaced air intake/oxygen sensor(very expensive), which is related to it's problem with emission standard. windshield washers frequently clogged.

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The Golf III version is very reliable!

Alec Flett, 08/27/2002
VR6 2dr Hatchback
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1999 was the year that VW made two GTI's: 1) the last of the long-running Golf III series with the rear license plate on the hatchback 2) the brand new "New GTI" with the more rounded headlights and the license plate on the bumper. These are VERY different cars. the "New GTI" is appearently terrible.. or at least was in 1999/2000, according to two coworkers who have them. The "old" GTI was the final model in a series that just kept getting better.. I've got the "old" model and have had it for about 3 1/2 years. It has never, ever given me any trouble. I've kept good care of it (regular service, regular oil changes) but other than that I've done nothing special.

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