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Pleasantly Surprised...

06princes, 03/15/2011
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I drive and still own my Dodge Charger, but the V8 with a Hemi, sucks the gas down..So,We bought this car to help with the rising prices of gas, and to save some money in the long run, and we love it, This car has a lot of get up and go, we have no trouble pulling out or picking up speed, It is so quiet, that sometimes you wonder if it is running, my three daughters fit in the back seat with no problem and one is in a car seat..We have a couple of hills that we have to go over everyday and the Prius has no problem going over them..So far we are well pleased with this little car, its doing everything it says it can...

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does what it says it can do

greencar2, 03/20/2011
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Vehicle was purchased mainly for fuel economy given my long daily commute. Delivered 48 mgp as measured at the pump on first tank. Driving style and accessory use make a significant diffrence in mpg. I was driving moderately with minimal use of heat, AC or lights. Toyota has listened to various on line postings and seems to have corrected every minor thing that was wrong with the 2010 model. Brakes work perfectly with no lag when going over bumps or pot holes in road. There is no delay as many had claimed for 2010 version. The radio gets good reception in all bands now. Glad I waited for 2011, I never purchase a new model the first year of launch.

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My 1st Hybrid

mpgboy, 04/07/2011
27 of 28 people found this review helpful

Excellent build quality, but I was expecting that as a long time Toyota buyer. The Prius is comfortable, quiet at highway speeds and easy to drive. I commute 100 miles round trip every day. In the early morning, it is a highway drive, in the afternoon it is 1/2 bumper to bumper and 1/2 highway. This car does well in both. I am averaging 53mpgs after 3 tanks of gas. If I drive at 60mph on the highway, I can get 56mpgs. The car is very roomy with a large cargo area

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hondageek1, 05/01/2011
14 of 14 people found this review helpful

I read and heard alot about the prius mainly negative. The wife and i took a test drive and bought on the spot. It is quiet smooth and feels sturdy. The gas milage is heaven espicially with rising prices. Quite a techno machine but if two regular people over 50 can figure the car out anyone can.

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New 2011 Prius owner

wizard10, 06/12/2011
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I bought a 2011 Prius 3 3 weeks ago and I love it. I wanted to post here for others that might be looking and save a step. I bought the Prius because of my 150 mile daily commute and had prevoiusly owned a FORESTER. As much as the Forester is a great car I was avg 24 miles and filling up 3 times a week. The Prius is great to drive, comfortable for a 6 ft person, great gas mileage.. the car is easier to get into than the Forester, seats are firmer than the forester.. Anyway, I looked at the new Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and it does not compare..main reason besides gas is the trunk- the battery takes up so much space that you only have 10 sq ft of space- you cant put anything in there.

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10K and rolling! 30K Annualized.

therealhboggs, 09/20/2011
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Overall 49 mpg. Oddly, the 48-51 EPA is backwards from my actual experience. I get around 45 in town and 52-56 on the road. Also, the onboard trip computer is approximately 5% high consistently. Otherwise, subtract 2mpg from the computer reading and you have the more correct mpg. Very comfortable on trips. Totally pleased with my car.

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3 Options That You Will learn To Love...

mcribs, 09/07/2011
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Eco , EV & Pwr... Having owned a 09 Prius before we purchased the new 11 model I really like the 3 driving modes offered in the current offering. The older Prius offered great MPG and was confortable but you had to live with the girl you brought to the dance...No longer. All 3 driving modes serve a purpose and heres how I use them: PWR- Sitting at a light and really need that extra umph? PWR mode makes the dash info bar light up and will suprise you (and the car next to you) as you are launched forward with full battery/gas power with very little peddle effort...One of the features I like the MOST about the new Prius. EV- Parking lots? Low speed situations A+ Eco- Max MPG Period 50+

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best car ever

djennnings, 09/26/2011
8 of 8 people found this review helpful

I have always driven a truck or SUV, so I was a little afraid to get a car. With the gas prices so high now, I wanted to get something that was good on gas, and still had plenty of leg room. The Toyota Prius is the best choice. This car is super. It has plenty of room in it, so you do not get the feeling like you are driving a compact car, the gas mileage is unbelievable, and the price is outstanding. This is my first Toyota and I am very pleased. If you are looking for a smooth riding car with lots of room, an excellent price and gets great gas mileage, then the Toyota Prius is the way to go.

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Great mpg and comfort for the long commutes

boelke, 05/09/2011
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Purchased one because of a 150 mile daily commute to and from work. Exceptional gas mileage averaging at 52 mpg on mixed highway traffic (I-5 & 118). I am pleased with our decision and it was definitely worth the savings over driving my Z3 daily.

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worth every penny

chetmet, 04/13/2014
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We purchased a Prius C back in 2013 and was VERY surprised. It tells you how many MPG you are getting and how much you spent... when you fill up it will ask you how much you paid per gallon and all you do is punch it in. I tested the accuracy after the end of the day and much to my surprise it was dead on or less. We get 55 to 67 MPG unless it is raining, windy or you drive too fast then it 45-47 MPG but I don't need to drive 70 MPH Because of how happy I was with the Prius C I went out and purchased a Prius III and it is sweet! Much bigger lots of room, leather, fully loaded, 8 speaker sound system, etc. but I only get 50-55 MPG. It is very quiet in the city and highway. No regrets

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