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My 4 Runner rules

mike777, 01/31/2014
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I purchased my 4 runner in 06 with 117 K on it , it was a 1 owner trade in with all service receipts ( lots of them) all service performed by the book by Toyota , (main reason I bought it) that and the reviews by owners. It has proven to be the best most reliable vehicle I've owned to date. I currently have 350K on it with no major or minor problems, I do my own service /maintenence, no breakdowns, everything still works, and I have the LTD with power everything! all I can say is wow, pretty much original everything. runs like a swiss watch. still drives like new and looks close to new. made in Japan with top quality parts, seriously whose alternator lasts 350,00 miles,500K here I come

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Best SUV ever

toyoglide, 10/23/2014
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Bought the 4runner when it had 70k miles on it. Have done a lot of long distance driving and now have 397k on the suv. Have only done normal maintenance. No valve jobs or other major procedures. Recently replaced igniter, plugs, and fuel injectors and it runs good as ever. Had Michelin LTX tires on it and got 150k miles on one set. This is an amazing vehicle and is built to last. I am sure I can get to 500k miles. Engine is not overly powerful but not a big issue. You can also chew through brake rotors quickly if you are heavy on the brake. Overall I love this suv.

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Best vehicle I have ever owned!

fmcpherson, 08/12/2012
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I purchased my 2000 4Runner in 2009. At the time it had 100,000 miles on it. Now, at 148,000 miles it is still running strong. Other than routine maintenance and a couple of small repairs, I have had nothing go wrong. I use this truck to haul a boat, as a daily commuting vehicle and it has never failed me. The styling is timeless and, although the ride is a bit rough at times, it is comfortable and very quite. I get about 17-18 mpg around town and 20-21 on the highway - not bad for a SUV. My only gripe is the small gas tank. I can only get about 225-240 miles between fill-ups.

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Love/Hate my 4Runner

Love/hate my 4Runner, 11/15/2010
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I have had mine 11 years and 120,000 miles. Today its in the shop having a squeaky clutch pedal replaced for the second time at $300 a pop. That said, the manual transmission is the only way to go with this vehicle. As long as I am not towing anything, I feel I have adequate power. Like another reviewer noted, the check engine light comes on sporadically for no apparent reason. If you're not diligent and ask lots of questions, less respectable repair shops will try to pin it on the most expensive thing they can; I always get a second opinion on this one. Today, they are also looking into a cruise control and dash clock that only work sporadically; who knows why.

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Bulletproof Daily Driver

Duane Mason, 01/19/2018
4dr SUV
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I have the 4-cylinder, Manual Transmission model. For those unacquainted, that is the excellent 2.7 Liter, 3RZ-FE, with the superb, W59 manual transmission. Mine is bone stock, and set up for Street. It has a weekly commute of 20 miles both ways, on mostly freeway. I have heard some complaints about the 2.7 lacking power. Well those people must be driving the Automatic version. (The Auto cannot put as much power down as the Manual. Especially on hills, or passing situations, where you can easily downshift with a clutch). This engine is strong in the low and mid-range rpm's, it has much more torque than horsepower. Anyway I bought this car about 7 years ago, and it had 130,000 miles. That did not worry me too much, because it is a Toyota. Furthermore, it was built during a time, when Toyota was more hard-nosed. Back when they were more hungry, and had more swagger. There was no rust, the carfax looked reasonable, and my mechanic inspected it for about 30 minutes. He said it looked good, then I bought it later that day. Right now it has 264,000 miles on the odometer, and the car doesn't seem phased at all, by the high mileage. My goal is at least 350,000 with this car. I've seen a youtube videos of people with 400,000 original miles on their 3rd gens, so I know it is capable. My initial reaction upon seeing, and driving the 3rd gen 4runner, was the impressive Build Quality. The car has an aura of excellent construction, in every category. The engine is strong, torquey, and loves to be in the low and mid-range rpm's. (It gets pretty weak around 4.5k+ rpm's, so it is rather useless to push it too high, in the powerband). The transmission is high-quality. It goes through the gears with a fluid, confident feel. (Recommendation: Change the gear oil to Redline MT-90, it improves the shifting). While driving, there are no creaks in the body panels, or annoying sounds that emanate from the interior. The 4runner is spectacular on the freeway. Even at 100 mph, the car is solid and assured. It eats up miles at high speeds, like a GT car. Yet be careful not to throw off the balance too much at high speeds, because it is an SUV, not a sports car. For example, a sudden, jerky, right-left maneuver at 90+mph. (I highly recommend Kumho Solus KR21 and Kumho Solus TA11 with this car, they are a great match for the stock form, and not too expensive). In stock form, It is still a fun driver's car, and quite nimble for what it is. The Base model is pretty lightweight at 3,440 lbs, and Rear-Wheel Drive, (my favorite). Yet recognize that it is not a sports car. (I have owned a few sports cars in my day, and still think this is a fun car). Onto the interior: My lowly "Base" model, has very comfortable, cloth seats. They are plush and provide just enough adjustment. The steering wheel is good leather with a heavy-ish feel, excellent build quality. The instrument panel is pleasing and logical. Overall the interior is great, I love it. I have taken 6-hour plus road trips, in this car and it is comfortable the whole time. Another thing is, the back seats can fold forward, and then you have a 6-foot truck bed, inside your 4runner. Awesome. This car is the perfect size imho, for a mid-size, all-around, very reliable daily driver. The MPG is pretty good for what it is. I'm no Bean Counter, and drive hard, yet gas money hasn't hurt me. The major repairs, and their approximate costs I have had to deal with during my time of ownership: Power Steering Rack replacement ($1,000), Clutch ($500), Differential U-joints ($500), Brakes and Rotors ($350). Other than that, I do synethic oil changes every 6-7k, changed the tires once, and did a tune up about 10k miles ago. It is a low maintenance car and I am shooting for the long haul, 350,000+ original miles. One final thing I must stress about the 4runner: Every morning when I wake up for work, and get ready to start it, there is no doubt in my mind, that it will start, and run well. That is a priceless feeling. Many people fear their cars. In the hard struggles of life, I know that this car has my back, and will not let me down. As long as I give it minimal love and maintenance. It has NEVER left me stranded, and when it had an issue, you could tell that a problem was developing, over a period of at least 3 weeks, (like the Differential U-Joints). It never simply "gave out", like many other, inferior cars. It is a warhorse. It has gained my trust and admiration. I can see why so many people respect these cars, across the world. And why they are preferred so often, in brutal, war-like environments, in the Middle East and Africa. The 3rd gen 4runner is dependable, trustworthy, fun to drive, comfortable, plus it looks good. Could not ask for a better daily driver.

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