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4X4 2-Door Vitara

gregggg, 02/08/2013
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I have had my Vitara about 9 yrs with over 130,000 miles. No repairs needed except an o2 sensor at 100,000 mi I live in the mountains at about 5000 ft I go off road and drive in snow all the time * I gave it a 5 for comfort taking into consideration it is a body on frame 4x4 getting 20-25 mpg

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I like my Zuki

Tam, 05/15/2002
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I purchases a nearly new 2001 Vitara a couple months ago. I really love it. It's my first 4 wheel drive but we looked at several before purchasing (including the Liberty and the RAV4). I enjoy driving it and it works great on the snow in 4 wheel drive! I would recommend it to others who are looking for a decent priced 4 wheel drive SUV.

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2001 Suzuki Vitara JX

Mary, 07/09/2009
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I like my vitara very much and feel very safe driving it. It handles excellent in the snow and I have never had a problem with it when windy out.Its been very reliable and I have had it since it was new and I still love it. I would say to anyone looking to buy one that you really cant go wrong with this Vitara 2001. I have had mine 8 years now and its still going strong.I can understand why you don't see too many people selling them. Once you have one its hard to part with it.

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Falls apart after 6-7 years

Patrick J., 11/17/2016
JS 2WD 4dr SUV (2.0L 4cyl 4A)
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I bought my 2001 Suzuki Vitara used in February 2002 with one previous owner and 14K miles on it. It was in perfect running condition and I pampered the car the entire time I owned it with monthly trips to the car wash and oil changes every 3,000 miles at Jiffy Lube with all recommended service being performed as well. Before I get into the demise of this vehicle I will warn anyone considering buying one of these, they have a "known issue" with O2 sensors failing every 2-3 years. Read various Suzuki forums if you don't believe me, it is notorious for this issue and Suzuki never did anything to resolve it. Expect to spend $150-$300 depending on the morals of the repair shop to have the sensor replaced, every 2-3 years. So, in 2008 my radiator sprung a leak, then the radiator hoses, then the pulleys started failing. First it was the accessory pulley, then the crank shaft pulley. Then the AC compressor and condenser both failed in the same month. Then the front brake calipers failed followed by the rear drum brake shoes. Then the tail pipe fell off, the manifold developed a leak and then the exhaust mounts failed. Thermostat failed, engine coil failed, and the rear brake light fell down. Pins that hold the bumpers on started disappearing, the handle of the oil dip stick snapped off, the interior driver door handle broke off, the exterior driver door handle snapped, the hood brace clip broke and the hinge for the fuel door has disintegrated. Now, I am not saying this vehicle isn't reliable, I put 220,000 miles on mine, but it has cost over $5,000 in repairs to keep it running. Once it hit that 6 year mark there was something each year that failed on the vehicle requiring repair. Suzuki left the US market, as a result, I would not recommend buying any Suzuki vehicle. You will run into difficulty finding parts to keep it running and the O2 sensor can and will fail on you frequently. I forgot to mention the steering knuckle also failed which required me having to find a part from China on eBay to get it repaired as the repair shop couldn't find one from any of their suppliers. I'm sending mine off to the junk yard to get whatever scrap value I can out of it.

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Good car, expected maintenance

shelbyk, 01/05/2014
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Purchased this car used in 2009 with 118K miles on it. Had a problem with a very squealy belt, replaced, still squealed. Honestly don't remember what resolved this issue. Radiator cracked at 140K for the first time. Cracked twice after (warrantied), turns out the water pump was building too much pressure, replaced water pump. O2 sensors replaced at 160K. Maybe have spent $1000 over 5 years on maintenance (excluding oil changes, brakes, filters, tires, etc., also all labor done by my loving father). Overall this car has been very reliable and required little maintenance for an older car with exponential miles. 22-26 mpg, no difference between highway/city but winter/summer.

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Turned out to be a financial disaster.

mensacyclist, 12/27/2003
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AVOID!!!! I bought my Vitara in June of 01, got a "good deal", got an extended warranty and planned on keeping it for 7-8 years. I've always bought Japanese in the past and would not consider anything else. At 56,000 miles the clutch went. The dealer wanted $993, local mechanic needed about $700. There are NO aftermarket parts for this car and the dealer parts are too expensive to be worth the while. I traded the Vitara in for $5000 less than I owed on it and rolled the debt into a Dodge truck. My $15500 Vitara was worth about $4000 just 2 1/2 years layer. Check the blue'll be amazed at the deprciation.

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msu7151, 06/15/2015
JLX 4WD 2dr Soft Top SUV (2.0L 4cyl 4A)
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I purchased this vehicle in 2012 with 88,000 miles on it. It looked brand new and when I needed new brakes, the repair shop thought it was a new SUV. Since then I have driven it only 5,000 miles and have had a myriad of problems with it. The battery has been replaced four times, brakes twice, and windshield wipers, twice (still noisy). I have had to replace the oil pan, alternator and door handles. The entire underside is rusting and a recent mechanic asked me if I parked in a field because of the rust.I park in my driveway. The rocker panels are rusting. Now the vehicle will not start again and the catalitic converter is loose, causing all kinds of noise. Also, the a/c no longer works.

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No long-term reliability

SATX, 06/13/2008
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My Suzuki was great for the first few years, but once my extended warranty ran out, it started falling apart between 80k~91k. First went the auto-entry device, then the A/C, then some electrical problems started flaring up where my headlights and interior lights pulse at night, then an automated window went out, then the interior dome light shorted, and the final two kickers--it was not starting up, then finally it started dying on the road randomly and shaking and needing a time-out before I can restart it. The worst part is, either we have terrible mechanics in Texas or this is a hard car to work on, because no one can figure it out! A car should not be rendered worthless at 91k!

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Fun Toy

Keeper, 04/11/2010
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I bought this new to replace my 1994 Geo Metro. With the exception of the air conditioning, this has been an ongoing issue that both the dealership and Suzuki have tried to resolve, even after the warranty had expired, but still goes out every year. I used this car for pizza delivery for many years and it has help up great. This is a great car especially with the top down. I also get between 24 and 27 mpg, in town or on the highway. I do not see differences in mileage in town or on the highway.

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2001 suzuki

aarika, 09/19/2002
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very reliableand fun to drive. also a great looker always getting compliments. also great gas mileage

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Almost perfect

SuperHippo, 02/26/2002
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Interior: The driver seat is big and extremely easy to get into and out of, something that Ford has never been able to accomplish. All controls are within easy reach, and spread out enough that they are easy to find without loooking. Air controls are straightforward, and easy to use. Exterior: I like it. Nowhere near as cool as the Saturn VUE, but you get what you pay for. I prefer the side opening rear tailgate rather than the hatchback style.

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Excellent in this price

Chih-Hao, 12/20/2002
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Everything in this SUV is doing its job pretty well. The price is relatively cheaper. Easy to control. Beautiful exterier.

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The Little SUV that Could

CryingFreeman, 02/13/2003
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I've purchased a used 2001 Grand Vitara JLX with ABS and alloy wheels. I've love the styling and handling of the vehicle. It has a 155 V6 engine that's very quiet. Since I'm not 6' tall, there's no complaints coming from me concerning head and leg room. It's very comfortable for the driver as well as passengers. There's only one problem...I've noticed that during the cold days, the airbag light will stay on when you start the engine. It eventually goes away with the car is warmed up but after you restart it. As I'm writing this, the SUV is in the dealership because it's still under warranty to fix this problem.

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Wear your earplugs!!!

terpr, 05/26/2003
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I bought my Vitara with the hopes of having a fun, dependable ride. What I got was a car that constantly creaks and makes noises. I've taken it in twice for the same problem and it still makes noise! It's the most infuriating thing! I dread going over a speed bump or an uneven road. It sounds like my car is going to fall apart!

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