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Good little car

Great little, 03/16/2010
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It has been a great little car. I know I was not getting a sports car but for what it is I love it. I have taken it on a few long trip and have had no problems. I think the clutch is going out but that is the only thing that has happened. I have driven it like a teenage. I have not been the nicest to it but it still runs great.

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Great car!

Laurak, 04/11/2008
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I am the original owner. I bought it in 2000 as a dealer employee car. I paid $9,000.00 for it w/ 45 miles on it. It now has 138,200 and only thing it has had is brakes, battery & tires! Plus regular check-ups! I hate to part with it but the time has come. So will replace with another Suzuki. I am more than happy with the preformance of my Esteem. Great on gas. 36-38 mpg. I certainly got my money's worth! Best car I've ever owned!

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Greatest investment was my red esteem

ctygrl, 04/02/2018
GL 4dr Sedan
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I had the manual stick shift version of the 2000 suzuki esteem. owned it for 12 years... i have driven it back and forth from washington to california numerous times. I am now at 227k miles! never neeeded anything fixed that wasnt maintenance such as brakes, clutch, etc... not the most comfortable, but the most reliable. finally need to replace some parts for the wheels and definitely general wear and tear, but i cant say enough... times i forgot to put oil in it, it ran miraculously, 35 mpg consistently...

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Good while it lasted.

jend26, 02/25/2011
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Well, bought used from a dealership, and was great at first. Had no problems until a couple months later the electical system started having problems. Radio clock wouldn't light up, and radio would turn off on me. Started idling really high, and the brakes and tires were having to be replaced often, sometimes once a month. I was buying used tires, then when I had the money bought new ones. But even with new ones, they kept leaking for some reason, so would have to put air in quite often. The rotors went bad very quickly also. Don't think the dealership did a good check but that's a gamble we all take when buying a vehicle. Think I payed way too much for it also. $12,000.

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bare basic car..

Titu Bhowmick, 12/30/2004
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I just bought this car a month ago with 31 k miles on it. Now it has 33k. The car was in a good condition when used. There are very few good things about this car .. it is usually average or below average. The car is very simple in design and so it is easy to work on. The build quality is bad, there are noises everywhere. A critical bolt for the engine mount snapped in the first few weeks. I think the wagon is a more practical alernative.

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Amazing little thing!

Spokane, 08/15/2008
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I bought this car in 2001 with 8,000 miles on it. I Still have the car and now have 130,000 on her. Besides normal oil changes, tires and brake work, the only thing that I have needed to change was the valve cover gaskets! It was a snap! When needed, you have plenty of power. Okay, so it's not a Monte, but what do you expect? It's a little 4 banger! Never once has it not started, and has never stalled on me. All in all, for the money, you get a really good running very realiable car.

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In High Esteem

high esteem, 02/18/2004
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My car has the 1.8L engine and 14" wheels. Built in Japan. Clutch/shifter is ultra smooth and easy, smooth ride, comfortable, and relatively quiet (compared to even Mazda Protege and Honda Civic). Excellent sight lines, supportive seat (I'm tall). Leg room about the same as other small cars. Fun to drive. Precise steering, mild body lean. Nice stereo sound. No mechanical problems.

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Hats of to Suzuki!

dalemccarty_17, 03/17/2004
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I had my car for a little under a month now and I still like it. The only problem that I have had with it was a flat tire at the dealership, that has nothing to do with the cars reliability, tires go flat on every vehicle out there. It is a good first time car, my first car, (when I was in 10 grade) was a 1991 GMC Jimmy 4x4 4dr. I DO NOT recomend this truck, it was sopposed to have 4x4, ABS, and electric windows, guess what, the 4x4 never locked in, the ABS didn't work (I had some close calls that would have not be close if i had ABS), and the windows would slowly go down, and not go up.

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francistoronto, 04/27/2004
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The car lacks power and very noisy when you step on the gas. Can barely hear the stereo sound working. After 1 month I bought it, windshield suddenly cracked without apparent reason. Susceptible to crosswinds.

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Not a bad car

Sohcahtoa, 05/22/2004
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Bought this car in Jan 2003 for $7000, it had only 1,300 miles on it. I've been very pleased with it. Only problem I had was the catalitic converter dying on me, but I think that was self-inflicted by hitting a speed bump really hard, but warranty still covered it. Sticker said 26 mpg city/33 mpg highway, but I actually get 28/35.

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