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best built car

Just yn Tomblyn, 04/25/2002
L 2dr Coupe AWD
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For your money, this is the best built car available, it is luxurious, sporty, comfortable, roomy (even for smaller rear passengers). easy to operate, easy to maintain. Everything about the SVX is designed with the driver in mind. city driving is ok, stop and go driving takes its toll on the fuel tank, but it makes commutes easier, it is an absolutely wonderful long-trip car. very quiet and comfortable, and good highway milage for what it is! i have had it a year and am very attached.

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It's Not a Box or Wagon - SVX Sporty

cpt kirk, 10/17/2003
L 2dr Coupe AWD
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I wanted a car that would get good gas milage and would get me up and down the steep hills during a snow storm. I got lucky and bought a 1995 SVX AWD and have been very happy. Try 28mpg on the highway with a lot of extra peddal to go; about 90 mph @3500rpms. I get about 19mpg city. This car takes premium gas. I had no trouble getting up to Alta, Utah, for a powder ski day when only 4x4's and cars with chains were allowed up the canyon. Under the paint is a zinc coating to help reduce corrosion - so smart! Fender wells designed to keep splashes/road tar from going all over the car's body. Overall great (Italian)styling.

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Splishsplash, 12/15/2006
LS 2dr Coupe
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This is a great and under rated car. It handles in all kind of weather, always starts, never breaks down so it costs way less than my previous Ford to maintain. The style is Italian designed and still turns heads. Given the limited number built and sold in the USA it gets rarer by the day. I have 125,000 miles and plan to go to 200,000 with confidence. My only complaint is that the level of interior finish could have been better.

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The greatest 2-door coupe ever built

subaru svx driver, 10/09/2004
L 2dr Coupe AWD
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I have owned this car for 5 years and I love it. I have had a couple of repairs to do on it, but I'd do anything to keep this car. The aftermarket is starting to heat up, as well. A new 350+ hp supercharger kit will be out soon and there are countless amounts of aftermarket parts such as, exhaust, intake, brakes, interior and exterior accessories are available now. If Subaru decides to bring this car to the market again, it would be a great seller.

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Great Engineering: Poor Marketing

fredtromans, 04/05/2002
LS 2dr Coupe
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The demise of the SVX after fewer than 15,000 vehicles were sold says more about Subaru's ability to sell this type of car than about the car itself. It is a marvelously fun-to-drive sports car with outstanding reliability. It never fails to catch attention. It is an excellent highway car and, unlike most sports cars, performs very well in snow. I LOVE IT.

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Great Orphan Sports Car

Fred Tromans, 06/20/2002
L 2dr Coupe AWD
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Great performance car that generates a lot of looks. I wish they still made it

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