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3rd Subie

nsky, 11/29/2010
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Bought a used 2008 with high miles to replace an aging Mazda B truck. I also compared a few 2006-2007 models, but no WRX's in the same price range. The 06-07's were much more fun to drive- more connected to the road. The 08 is much quieter and smoother like a "grown-up" car as my wife put it ( she drives an Outback, which we LOVE) I'm a sporty driver with a heavy foot, and the gas mileage is OK- about 23 for urban- suburban commuting, quite often in bumper to bumper. If you want a gas sipper, look elsewhere. If you want AWD security, your're in the right place. 35 MPG is useless if you can't get out of the driveway.

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Surprisingly fun

bloovis, 06/14/2011
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This car replaced a beloved 2001 VW Golf GLS 1.8t. I was hoping to find something as fun and comfortable as the VW, but with AWD to get me up our steep Vermont hills in winter in the places where the VW failed to make progress. The Outback Sport has turned out to be much more entertaining than I expected. It doesn't have quite the zip of the VW turbo, but it's plenty fast. The biggest surprise was the excellent steering and handling: quite an improvement over the somewhat squishy VW. The next biggest surprise was the fuel economy; I'm getting 28 on average, and as high as 32 on some off-freeway road trips.

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Not a WRX, but still love it

AJ, 04/10/2018
2.5i 4dr Sedan AWD (2.5L 4cyl 4A)
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This car has never given me any major problems in the short time that I’ve owned it. Already have some good memories with it. I’m 19 years old now, and was in the market for a used Subaru in the spring of 2017 as I have always admired subies. Couldn’t afford a newer Subaru, let alone an older WRX so I settled for the 08 impreza which was the best deal I found in the area at the time. Exterior is nothing amazing, but better looking than any American sedan of that year. Basic interior as it is a base model, but that doesn’t matter to me (cuz it has aux w/ good speakers!) as it seems cars w/ lots of technology are always breaking (my moms new 2018 Legacy limited had several interior electrical issues in the first couple months of ownership). None of the dreaded head gasket issues that seemed to plague Subaru for many years had affected my car, I think they solved that problem years ago. Boxer engine has a nice little growl to it which I plan to make louder and throatier with some mods. Although it is nowhere near fast, it has decent acceleration and can be pretty quick in sport mode. The winter is a breeze to drive in deep snow w/ subaru’s AWD as I live in Chicago area. Deep snow arrived last winter, first couple hours I saw 5+ cars stuck in the several inches of snow in my neighborhood. this car goes right thru the snow like a champ. Very fun to play with in the snow, will never get stuck. Planning to keep this car for awhile, already began to modify it a little bit. Only thing I had to do so far was replace brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake line flush, etc. because the brakes began to feel very soft and squishy. it was a bit costly (full brake service over $900) but that was the very first time any of those had been replaced on this car. Other than that, cost of maintenance has been minimal, w/ $30 oil changes and such. MPG could be better (average of about 21 city miles isn’t that good for a 4 banger) but gets better on the highway of course. Also, the front left tire keeps losing air, I’ll fill it up and then the TPMS light will come back on within 1-2 weeks which shouldn’t happen. Hasn’t been a major issue, im just gonna swap the boring stock rims for black aftermarkets w/ new tires once i have more money, and voilà. Change oil every 3,000 miles and inspect the engine bay and undercarriage a few times a month and this car will not let you down. Overall, a very reliable car that is fun and easy to drive, especially in heavy snow, and I would highly recommend over any American sedans of around the same age.

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Great Little Car

NigelPV2, 03/22/2010
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This is truly a great car. It is versatile, safe, reliable, and fun to drive. With 44.4 cu/ft of cargo space, 60/40 fold-flat seats, the car can handle anything I throw at it. With the car's AWD system and 6 standard air bags it offer's a level of confidence on the road unlike any of the other cars I test drove. Lastly, Subaru has found a great balance between ride and handling. The car rides completely different then it's predecessor with a subtle ride, yet still contains the prowess to be tossed into a turn. The car is not without it's faults, though, as the hard plastic that completely covers the interior and tires seem to amplify the little road noise that find their way into the cabin.

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Too many RATTLES

Subie, 09/17/2008
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New 2008 STi is unquestionably a blast to drive, and I actually prefer the new, toned-down body style. That said, I'm finding it a difficult daily driver. Not because of the transmission (clunky) or the gas mileage (mediocre), but because the car rattles so, so, so much. I've only owned it for a few months, and it is barely out of its break-in period. But it seems like every time I get in the car, it has developed a new interior rattle. No use turning to dealerships for help, in my experience, as they either fail to fix the problem, or claim to be unable to replicate it. Just how high do you have to turn the stereo and a/c to drown out all those rattles, boys?

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