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Economically Purchased - Surprisingly Content

maisegem, 01/18/2011
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Look, Purchased vehicle in 2007 July. I wanted a vehicle that was economically and efficient for my needs. I have 105,000 miles on the vehicle since purchased. There are a few items that are cruddy, like the a/c blower's tick, the back passenger window not opening in the summer heat, the weird knock in the back.. due to the battery being in the back.. (I know when I get the oil change and they don't pop the trunk and "claim" they checked the battery... I normally get a nifty discount for their lying ways..) the interior being tiny and cheap. But, I bought a cheap car. I drive the crap out of the vehicle. It can get up to 35 mpg on solely highway driving.. I know this because I drive a lot!

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A very satisfied owner of an ION 3

John Huddleston, 11/01/2006
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I purchached an ION 3 /enhanced performance package and this car has everything I need. The center mounted console takes some getting used to, but it really looks cool once you get used to it. A+

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Stupid American Car...

papaclutch, 05/30/2015
2 4dr Sedan (2.2L 4cyl 4A)
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Used to Hondas and Toyotas. Bought used Ion for my teenage daughter - what a mistake. Clean CarFax, 91,000 seemed to drive fine. Assumed it would be good for her limited driving needs for a few years. Wrong - at just 91K needs ball joints, shocks/struts, and the transmission seems to occasionally slip. Repairs first year are going to be as much as I paid for the car - $3000! In the end I should have just spent $6000 on a good Honda or Toyota. American cars are just bad - especially GM. No American cars for me EVER AGAIN.

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Not Impressed

tazette, 08/01/2008
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I typically buy foreign cars. In selecting Saturn, I reviewed the fuel efficient and its environmental impact. I wanted to buy an American car again, but I have had problems in the past. Anyway, I bought the ION brand new in 2007. I have been put in a rental car for a total of two weeks over the past year due to problems with my vehicle: I was driving on the highway and my vehicle started decelerating while I had my foot on the gas. It took them three go arounds to fix that. Right now, my passenger window will not roll up. My seatbelt light indicating that something is wrong with it goes on intermittently. Cheap interior. The mileage is good though all around - not impressed!

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Terrible car

spiderrig, 07/19/2012
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Nothing but bad things with this car. I have 39,000 miles and already have had to replace the power steering, the fuel pump, the sensor on the accelerator (TWICE!), the wiring in the driver door, the back glass (defroster wasn't working). Some wiring in the console was found corroded due to poor connection. The gas mileage has been OK at around 28-29 MPG, but I expected better for such a little car. Also, the rubber seals around the windows are buckled and look terrible. I also had to replace the tires at 27,000 miles for dry rot. The worst car I have ever owned and I'm 40 and have had a more than a few old beat up cars. They all ran better than this one did. I like GM, but hate Saturn.

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Great car

Jennifer, 08/11/2008
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I have always drive a GMC Z-71 but living in Atlanta GA and driving 25,000 miles a year had to retire my truck to the driveway and get a car that fits my driving budget. This car has been great! I still love my truck but do not want to spend $1000 a month. The ION is fun to drive and gets about 30mi per gallon, my truck gets 12. If I had to switch this is the car for me. 16,000 miles and no problems with this car.

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Worst Car I have ever owned...

Rich Anderson, 01/02/2017
2 4dr Sedan (2.2L 4cyl 4A)
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I bought this car only 7 years old with 95,000 for my daughter. The shocks and struts had to be replaced, and even after that it made horrible creaking sounds from underneath. It had 6 or 7 factory recalls. One was that the key could be removed from the ignition even when the car was running! Crazy - but when I took to the dealer they refused to replace the ignition switch because they said it had been done 1 year prior. If so they put another bad one in! Next the gas tank leaked - and had to be replaced - $300. Never had that happen to a car before! Replaced a couple sensors and check engine light came on again a couple months later. I have owned 15-20 cars in my life and this was by far the worst - even worse than an old MG Midget I had. I will never buy any GM product again - I should have known better. I only have 1 good thing to say about this car: The battery is in the trunk, so when - predictably - I had to replace that it was super clean. Yay!

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Don't Buy GM!

Outraged, 07/26/2010
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Purchased brand new. This car is beyond fixable. To start, had problems with the knocking noise coming from rear, never repaired, radio went out under warranty, wheel bearings went out, power steering goes out intermittently even after having repaired just 6 mos ago. Car now will not shut off! GM wants to act as if they aren't associated with the vehicle but its one of their products. Needless to say, I'll never buy an American made car again!

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Why did I buy a Saturn?

C_Houten, 10/07/2008
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I bought this car brand new in Toronto, and drove it from Toronto to California, up the coast to Oregon, and all the way to Phoenix. I have put 39,000km on it in just over a year. In the first 6 months of owning it I had to have the entire electrical system replaced. 2 months later I had to have to accelerator and brake system replaced. The starter had problems after one year, and once it wouldn’t start at all for quite a few hours. AAA will not unlock this car if your keys are locked inside. They told me that this models electrical system is too delicate. The fuel economy is below average and far below the EPA estimate. Overall I am sure you can tell that I am very disappointed in this car.

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Ok car

cloewe08, 11/17/2008
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I got an 07 ION sedan 2.2l automatic alloy wheels spoiler sunroof and was excited. I loved the car for about the first 6 months then realized some of the poor quality that went into it. The seats are extremely cheap. I only have 22,000 miles on the car and the fabric in the driver's seat is coming loose. Also the light grey fabric throughout the interior stains extremely easily. This is more apparent as you own the car for a year at least and anything will stain the seats/carpet. At 18000 miles the driver window fasteners failed and the window was loose inside the frame. The sunroof creaks when you go over a bump or change in road incline (like up a steep driveway). Engine s great.

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