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An intellectual's gem

treeweezel, 04/17/2011
S 4dr Hatchback
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You get a highly intelligent package: a very reasonable dose of sport, a cozy but pleasant cabin, and a beautiful aerodynamic back end. One huge perk is the cargo room- it's basically a wagon. Aero, capacious, sporting, the back end has it all. The car has gotten more stylish with age. Socially it was the equivalent of the Prius in its day. Then newer cars came with stubby, blobular shapes, making the Saab look long, elegant, and clean cut. REPAIRS?? Yes you will need to do them. The cost is the same as generic cars of the era plus 30%. The car is not unstoppable, but it is unkillable. After any given repair, you could have thousands of miles before your next.

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Saab's are terrific!

YogiMac, 11/10/2010
Turbo 2dr Convertible
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I bought this 5 speed 16v through the internet w/119,000 miles. I put a lot of money into it to get it back to life as the previous owner let the maintenance go. Expensive to fix if you do not have knowledge to repair minor things, or if you do not stay on top of general maintenance. The turbo's are sensitive and may not start if the oil is dirty. The cars do leak oil as they get older. It is important to keep the oil, antifreeze/coolant levels topped off too. Check cooling fans regularly or risk buying a new head gasket! Built with solid interior parts w/ a noise level next to nothing even as a convertible. The turbo whistle up is like listening to a symphony even @175,000 miles!

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TCS Rocks!

BrianinPDX, 09/16/2007
SE V6 4dr Hatchback
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I've had my Saab for almost 2 years now and although I've spent a few bucks on it I can't say it's any worse then other cars its age. Mine has the "dreaded" V6 engine; I did have to replace the timing belt and tensioner (a common problem/flaw of the engine). The timing belt will need to be replaced in about another 10K miles. All said, considering the overall comfort and performance of this car, I can't complain. The Traction Control System is amazing. We don't get much snow here in Portland but when we do it creates a mess. I got caught in our one big storm last winter and this car got me home safe and sound. If you want a comfortable winter driver, get a Saab.

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Stay away from GM

tonyv, 07/31/2007
SE V6 4dr Hatchback
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V6-Love hate relationship. Never had a car that left me stranded so often. Glad it had a long warranty, it needed it. Funny engine noises=3 H2O pumps. Engine shut down on Illinois Tollway (don't expect help from the police or anybody) outside of Rockford with no warning. No dealership at that time in Rockford. Towed to Madison. Dealership took care of me, got to drive a tiny Kia for 3 weeks. Wished I towed it to Concours in Milw., would have had a new 9000 to drive. Battery shot in first year. Made mistake of going on vacation and not starting it for 7 days. Never replaced so many light bulbs, head, signal, dome, etc. Wished I bought the Saab 4 cyl. turbo.

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Womans Luv of Saabs 3 year update

Tean, 02/16/2017
S 2dr Convertible
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I love my saab its my fourth 900, this 1994 is my newest one I just got in January 2017. My first convertible. The top looks bad, and will be replaced. I did brakes over and had to replace cracked windshield. Other than that i'll do what ever I need to for this vehicle which I've loved since I was in high school in the 1980's . I'm happy about the price I got it for I paid the least amount for it and its the newest one I ever owned. Love YOU SAAB from SCANIA. In june I replaced the top, it looks great and I've enjoyed this summer very much with the top down. I also changed the rims on it and that looks great as well... Within the coming months i'll change out the carpet inside the car and probably the seats also to update the leather. Last thing will be a decent radio in it with Sirius xm radio and navigation....Stay tuned...:-) Haven't done much else since this review, but, this year is still new and i'll be able to start putting a dent in this list above for my saaaaaaab..

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