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Stellar. Wow. Great only car for 2.

Bailey, 09/21/2010
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This car has been a revelation. The build quality, design, and performance consistently and continuously impress. This car is something special. This is our only car. We have rely on it to perform all missions under all conditions. After 4 months, 8000 miles, and a few multi-day road trips, we have no regrets. It is comfortable, capable, safe, well designed, beautifully made and finished, and does everything. Golf clubs fit. Luggage for 2 fits easily. Go-crazy shopping trips, speed bumps, steep driveways, dirt roads and rain are no problem. The Porsche Boxster adds an element of beauty and excitement and beauty to everyday life that everyone should experience.

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Miles of Smiles

David S, 10/01/2018
2dr Convertible (2.9L 6cyl 6M)
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My 2010 Base Boxster is an unusual car in many ways. It has a surprising amount of storage both inside the car (six compartments worth inside), two trunks, and an auxiliary storage box in the front. All this storage makes the car so much easier to live with from a practical perspective. The “fronk” will hold two legal airplane rollies...and you still have a large (though shallow) trunk in the back for duffles and other squishy stuff. The only downsize is that you can’t put large hard-framed items inside the car (such as a 24” x 36” picture)....but how often do you need that capability? It’s a strange review that starts off lauding a Porsche convertible for its storage capabilities, but that’s just one thing setting this series (987.2) apart certainly from other convertibles and even from newer Boxsters. My Boxster also has European tri-colored tail lights, which is a huge plus to me (it’s a thoughtful safety touch). OK. Let’s get down to business: This is a Porsche and it’s all about handling and acceleration and braking...and naturally the Porsche excels in all three areas, even with this Base Boxster. My modern standards, the car is relatively slow (0-60 in 5.4sec). The 2.9L flat six sounds glorious when revved (in contrast, the 2.0T4 in the new Boxster sounds like a cross between an air-cooled VW and a Subaru 4). However, the PFI 2.9L isn’t the engine of choice if you want real speed: That belongs to the S models and its DFI 3.4L. Still, the car is plenty speedy especially when you’re the only one in the car and keeps pulling past 65 MPH. The handling, though, is truly telepathic. Provided you have top quality rubber (Michelin PS4s or equivalent), the car handles around corners like it’s on rails. All handling and braking aspects spoil you for any other car. Also pleasant: The ride isn’t punishing. Oh, no one will mistake the ride for that of a Mercedes S class, but your Subaru WRX/STi and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo friends will think they’re in a limo. Every trip in this car is a pleasure, particularly with the PDK. If I had to do it all over again, I might have opted for the S version and given up a bunch of vacations for the faster engine.

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Don't drive one(unless you're ready to buy)

mrdrama, 07/27/2013
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Still in honeymoon period/Looking for reasons to drive.My third Porsche and second Boxster,all bought used,which is for me ,the only po$$ible way to go.The upgrade from my early(986) car is night and day:ride,handling,"infotainment"(get the PCM/BOSE)you name it -all superior...The base car is very nice ,but the S,with direct injection and extra urge will sway you.The "S" is for Serious-people who claim the Boxster is not a "real Porsche",are delusional, or simply haven't driven a 2009 or later one.

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Fun to Drive

Tom B, 02/20/2010
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I purchased by Boxter in October of 2009 and already have 5000 miles on it. I take it on trips and to work. I live in Reno and have a good number of days with the top down. My previous Boxter was a 2004 and there is no comparison. This car has all the power and acceleration I need and is a blast in the mountains around here.Also the top is quiet. In the 2004 there was considerable wind noise. Unlike my previous Boxter I have not had a single problem or complaint. Maybe the gas mileage could be a tad better but for the performance you get it is quite acceptable.

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Any Porsche = Great Sports Car

KS, 07/19/2010
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I had my Boxster 2.9 for about a month and I enjoy it with every drive. There is really something special about driving a Porsche considering its racing heritage and legendary 911 roots plotted in the Boxster, it's just a great fun cruiser Not a racing machine. In my opinion the manual 6spd transmission is the only way to go and the clutch/shifter feel is very precise, the gas pedal has way too much resistance for my taste, I am getting used to it though. Hill start assist is also something that takes getting used to, I prefer not to have it because on uphill traffic it could be very annoying. My previous car was 2007 Infiniti M45 and I really wanted a driver's car with style, Boxster was it!

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