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Big Fan

John Henderson, 06/02/2010
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I see a lot of poor reviews about this car, and I can understand why. Personally, I love this car but have had other similar Pontiacs that were terrible. The only major money spent on this car was $1000 because there was rust in the gas tank. Other than that, I add oil once every 4 months and just let it burn off. I bought it for $1000 and planned on just running it into the dirt while I saved for a new one but it is still here. Somehow it is still running strong with no major problems :)

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i love this little car

Caity, 03/16/2007
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I was given this car for my 16th birthday in 2005. Since then, I've had a few problems, all of which seem to have happened to others (head gasket, alternator, fuel pump, heat only working on high, AC compressors broken). Also, the starter is starting to go. But, i like the sporty design and have a lot of fun driving it.

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sacking yourself hurts less

not a chance in hell, 01/08/2003
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Nothing, and I mean nothing has gone right with this car. I cannot express how angry it has made me. I have replaced, drivers seat twice, head gasket twice, head, driving lights, alternator, driverside door, the horn doesn't work, the rear window defogger needed fixing. All this and no accidents to cause any of it.Both front wheel mounts need to be replaced, the main gasket for the oil needs replacing. There is a short in the electrical system that causes the abs warning light to come on if the four ways are turned on. All in all I want to repaint this car yellow and put a stem on the hood so everyone can see THE LEMON IT IS!!!!!

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ery disappointed

devdev01, 10/22/2003
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I have spent a fortune in repairs for this vehicle. I have sworn off Pontiac for the rest of my life! Everything from the air conditioning, transmission and engine has had major problems. Thank goodness I had an extended warrenty. I am now trading it in for a Toyota and I am confident I will not be taking it in for every repair under the sun. My engine is now losing pressure and will need to be overhauled....need I say more?!?!

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Good value, average car.

cmoore booty, 04/06/2002
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I haven't had much to complain about going into my 6th year with the Sunfire. 150,000 miles and still going strong. Why this car gets knocked in anybody's value dept. is a mystery to me. Most cars with 150,000 miles are ready for the junk heap. I wouldn't dare trade this solid car in right now for the price they'd offer. I'm going to drive it 'til it dies, which may be a while.

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