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Sentra is a homerun!

Sebastian, 12/31/2006
2.0 S 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
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OK, it's still not the flashiest thing on the highway, but what a GREAT car for the money! The Sentra is so smooth (love that CVT) and quiet (much quieter than the Civic or Mazda 3) and has so many cool features (choose the convenience package for sure) that it is very hard to beat. (Warning: it is easy to exceed the speed limit without knowing it - that's how smooth and quiet it is.) The interior is very comfortable and above average in looks - controls are well placed and uncomplicated. In the first month of driving the car is getting 33.6 miles per gallon, not bad, and I expect it to get a little better as the car is broken in.

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Great Price and Outstanding MPG

Stan, 12/03/2006
2.0 SL 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
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I was looking for a car that would be affordable with high MPG output that looks good and drive just as it looks. I found all that and more in my Nissan Sentra. The only time this car will sit park is on the weekend when my Corvette or Hemi Truck must come out to play.

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Very practical vehicle, 05/13/2016
2.0 S 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
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I purchased my Sentra in 2007, new. I still own it, but I primarly drive a Forester XT premium now. I will say there are things I am very dissapointed in regarding these Sentras. Mostly, no antiloc brakes unless you have premium wheels. Also, the seats were very uncomfortable, for me, for long trips, but were fine for driving around town. The wheel and arm rests were designed so that you have to have your arm held up, which was uncomfortable as well. The screen tried to do a lot with very little resolution, and that was always somewhat annoying to me. Also, the car likes to get pushed around by the wind, and the trunk is rather large but the opening is restrictive. However, the car was virtually maintenance free... I did have some work done on a front wheel joint but otherwise nothing has ever needed to be repaired (I have 90K miles on the car). The engine was pretty peppy for a cheap, economy car and out performs the new 2016 models. The gas mileage was usually less than stellar on the interstate as the car is a big wind sail, but on hwys going 55 - 65 I would get over 40, routinely. I liked the layout of the dash and the color of the lights. The headlights gave great visibility. I really enjoyed the keyless entry features, those are awesome and I miss those more than anything with my new vehicle. I was looking forward to getting something else from the day I bought this car, but I knew that for the price (I paid 16 grand for it) it was worth it. 9 years of driving a decent looking, reliable, fuel economic vehicle for roughly 1800/year... I say that is a good deal! And it still is worth about 4500... So, if you see one of these used, I would say consider it if it is under 100,000. If over 100,000, you have a lot of expensive maintenance to do, such as flushing transmission, checking timing belt, new platinum spark plugs, probably needs new shocks.

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Great vehicle - beats all competition

Mike, 12/03/2006
2.0 S 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
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I drove all the usual players in this area (Civic, Elantra, Sentra and the Corrola) The nissan is incredibly smooth and handles better than any of the others. It's also much quieter on the inside (wind and engine) than any of the others. I was surprised given how I thought about the old Sentra, but Nissan really did this car right. It has all the most important features that I look for (comfort, quiet, smooth, easy to use dash, looks nice, alloy wheels, convenience package is AWESOME, and the audio package is out of this world) I would recommend getting your Sirius radio installed too. I did the sportster 4 on the dash plugged into the aux input. This works best so you can swap 4 ipod.

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Great Car for the Price

Al and Liz, 11/27/2006
2.0 S 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
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So far , we have enjoyed driving this car. It is very quiet except when accelerating.Quality of materials is very good. Gas mileage so far is only averaging 26 mpg. Mostly around town driving though, should get better when engine is more broken in. Only 500 miles. Lots of neat features , good sound system,high tech features,intelligent key, bluetooth, on dash lcd readout, cd-6 with mp3, etc. A big step up over previous Sentra's.

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