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nahash, 02/07/2013
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Hi, I have this car for 10 years now with 220k In general it was a great car very comfi to drive. It had few small problems but 2 problems that I want to share with all potential owners. One is with the anti lock brake sensors. During the 10 years had to change 2 anti lock sensors. 1000$ cost for each.Lexus built the antilock sensor into the drive shafts so there are 4 sensors in this car as it is a 4 wheel drive ( 4 shafts). In order to change the sensor the shaft must be replaced with a cost close to 1000$. Other issue is the timing belt. This model has a timing belt that must be changed around the 180k with a cost to the customer of close to 1000$. so be aware this is what you will face

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This car saved my life

asimkhan0620, 01/06/2011
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If there was a higher rating for build quality and reliability besides excellent, this car would get it. As a senior in high school my parents allowed me to drive this car to school and back. However, one day coming back home i was stopped in a construction zone. A car going around 60 mph apparently did not realize that i was stopped in front and nailed my back bumper. I felt the impact but the car beautifully absorbed the blow. I was so grateful i was driving a truck, a high quality lexus truck, as the accident could have been a lot worse. as the accident could have been a lot worse.

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Luxury, Quality, Safety

JohnDTW, 02/26/2002
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A friend and I went to a nearby Lexus dealer, checking out SUVs for him. An hour and a half and he was out the door with a new RX300. I was extremely impressed with the treatment he was given; I decided to lease an RX300. I received the same respect he was given. This SUV is meticulous! It's bank-vault solid, rides great, and the AWD is flawless. It's not a typical thirtysomething "guy car" and not the coolest SUV out there, but I'm one guy who thinks this SUV is great.

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The Greatest Car I Have Ever Owned

drewlane84, 10/26/2012
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This is the greatest car I have ever owned. I bought the car certified pre-owned in 2005 and I am absolutely impressed with the quality. After observing my father's current Toyota Prius, which has all of the trims, my Lexus feels luxurious and opulent compared to the hard leather in his car. Every time I turn the key, I do not have to worry about whether the car will start. (I still don't know what the check engine light looks like, and the car is 10 years old.) The only problem is the antenna. It just...stops working. I've put three on the car, but Lexus paid for them all in full. This car is better than most new cars and can still outperform them. It's a great college-kid car, hands-down.

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Best Car

Charles, Georgia, 01/04/2007
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I bought this car with 42K miles on it and have had it a year and a half. I also traded a Lexus ES 300 in on it b/c I wanted a SUV. Lexus is by far the best car on the road. I'll never drive anything else.

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