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Great First Car

Shmork, 02/07/2009
SX 4dr Sedan (1.6L 4cyl 4A)
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Many reviewers complain this car isn't powerful enough, or sporty enough and the tires are too small-the list goes on; I disagree. I have never had a problem accelerating into interstate traffic or maneuvering. The interior is surprisingly spacious (huge trunk) and quite attractive with the SX enhancements. The mileage is excellent. Yes, this is no luxury vehicle and it doesn't have impressive horsepower, but if you're shopping in the subcompact market you're not likely concerned with these factors. The drive is almost sporty and the tire size hasn't been an issue. You're not dishing out extra $ for bells and whistles and you really won't miss them. I love my new KIA for drives great and small!

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I'm reviewing a Kia Rio not a Lexus LFA

Brian, 09/30/2016
LX 4dr Sedan (1.6L 4cyl 4A)
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I bought this car in 2011, so two years old with about 20k miles on it. Less than $10k. It is a plain jane except for auto, AC and a good stereo. On and off it has been in outdoor storage for a year or so at a time so it only has 40k miles now, but I have had ZERO problems with it. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it cross country. I would recommend it to anyone who needs basic transportation with good gas mileage and a small family, or anyone who lives in a city. It's easy to park and maneuver. Hey, the powertrain is still under warranty! 5/60 bumper is done but the 10/100 powertrain is still in affect.

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Will Never Buy Another Kia

deheeren, 02/08/2015
LX 4dr Sedan (1.6L 4cyl 4A)
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I bought this car new in 2009 and today the cars second transmission failed. The car has 151,541 miles on it. The car has also had a coil pack put on each cylinder at least once. When the car was still under warranty the dealer flat-out refused to fix the actual issues with the car because the scheduled maintenance on the car wasn't up to date, yet the salesman never disclosed details about the warranty at time of purchase or provided literature about the warranty. CD player quit working at about 24 months Heater core issues at 30 months. Car needed realignment every 10,000 miles. Tire shop said it was a "Kia" thing. Lots of road noise on the freeway. Windshield always foggy.

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Great Affordable Commuter Vehicle

student05, 07/07/2010
LX 4dr Sedan (1.6L 4cyl 4A)
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I bought this car a month ago and so far my experience with it has been great. I am a commuting college student so I was looking for something that was affordable and had good gas mileage. As far as performance goes I haven't had any problems with acceleration and it handles fairly well. The interior of the vehicle is nice looking and doesn't feel cheap. One of my favorite features is the stereo system. I had installed an aftermarket system in my previous vehicle and was thinking of doing the same with this car. After listening to it though I think I have changed my mind because it sounds great for a factory system. Also, the AUX and USB inputs are great for MP3 players.

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Best little car I've ever owned.

Aarick, 09/11/2018
SX 4dr Sedan (1.6L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought this car used with 29,000 miles and it has been an absolutely great little car. It has a 5 speed manual transmission and is the upgraded model the SX model. It is a basic no non-sense economy car, but it has been so reliable. I well built car, Kia really makes great cars. It is simple to work on and you can change your own oil with ease. It now has 95,000 miles and yes it's had some maintenance issues like all cars. I've replaced the battery twice in 8 years, that's normal. I've had it tuned up twice, ignition coil has gone out on each cylinder, not a huge maintenance bill. I've had the timing belt, clutch, and all the belts and water pump replaced because it was time to switch the timing belt at 60,000 so the mechanic said while switching the timing belt might as well replace all the belts and go ahead and switch out the water pump as well. With 105 degree temps here in Texas so making sure the car had the cooling system flushed and check for preventive maintenance. So all-in-all a very reliable affordable car. Wish US auto makers could achieve this type of reliability with small compact cars. If you are in the market for a easy reliable affordable commuter car, look at buying the Kia Rio the model from 2006 - 2011 was the same model with very little change. 2012 Kia Rio finally changed the model. Highly recommend this car.

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