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Waa waa waa!

ranchez, 03/11/2014
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I've had my 2008 Jeep since it was new and love it. I see a lot of complaints here about comfort, noise, ride and acceleration. All I can say is that maybe they thought they were buying an Escalade. You don't buy a Wrangler for luxury, zero-road-noise, or racing from the light. You buy it to take on any off-road terrain you throw at it and crawl through the ick that would sink an Escalade to its axles. You also buy it to pull out the idiots who buy the other "SUVs" and try to drive them like a Jeep. Maybe you should sell your Jeep to someone who knows what it is and go buy a quiet, squishy little soccer-parent wagon.

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Its a Jeep

lock3056, 04/08/2011
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Bought a 2008 when it was new, I've had it 3 years and have no complaints yet. I think people seem to be confused about what under powered is. Its not a power thing its a gear ratio thing, I have a 6 speed Manual, its a Torque monster. While it may not run 12's in the Quarter mile it will pull a stump out of the ground. Love the Hard top, It is Quieter than our 2008 Cadillac CTS on and off the freeway. Great Family Vehicle. If acceleration is an Issue you can purchase a Bully dog tuner/gauge it makes a world of difference.

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It's a Jeep!

Matt, 07/31/2010
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Love it, nothing like taking the top off for the evening commute, and just cruise. Smooth ride, good fuel mileage. Get 20-21 hwy, if you can keep your foot out of it. People complain that it is sluggish, it is made to get you wherever you want to go, not a 0-60 hot rod. Everyone that has taken a closer look and ride, wants one. I will be a Wrangler owner for life.

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It's a Jeep thing!!

Myla, 06/23/2018
Unlimited Sahara 4dr SUV 4WD (3.8L 6cyl 6M)
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I bought my JK 2008 with 58K on it two years ago; I also put the same or more of that amount on it up to today. Never an issue with the engine except one of the wheel lugnut pins broke off. Needs a lot of love in gas and oil but it is expected since I drive all over the place. My mom has a Jeep Renegade Sport Trailhawk 2015 and ton of issues with the electronics; she also claims its a tougher ride then mineand her sound system sucks. She is getting a Wrangler after her lease is over. For the capability: In one of the biggest blizzards that hit the NYC area in Jan/ 2018, I plowed through it like nothing, leaving behind big SUV's stuck in the snowbanks (lol SORRY! You shoud have bought the Jeep fellas!). I am tiny 5'2" young female so the only issue is me climbing into it. Everyone who is complaining about the comfort should stop complaining. Everyone who knew anything about the Jeeps knew it was not built for the city dwellers. My Jeep goes from snow to sand terrains; hauls 4-5 ppl and a big dog; snowboards, skees, and surfboards. And biggest thing of all is the safety! On two different ocassions two mature drivers decided to rear-ended my Jeep, and both had their cars totaled; mine had minor scratches on the rear bumper. This should be anyone's priority over the comfort and speed. Did I mention its cool? You can turn it into anything you want with custom parts, and Police will smile and thumb-up at you instead of chase you down for looking street-illegal. Best present my mom could have given me! Go get one!

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Love love love my Jeep!

Beth 0505, 11/04/2010
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I absolutely LOVE my Jeep - have wanted one ever since I turned 16, and now at 34 finally got it! The 4 door was the selling point for me as I have 2 kids to transport all over town. My Jeep is really fun to drive, the kids love it, and I can put all their sports equipment and groceries in the back! Then take a drive and take off the top - have the freedom hardtop, the front portion literally takes me 3 min to take off and stow in trunk (I've timed it)!

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