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Love My 2nd XJR

Randy Walker, 03/17/2008
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My favorite car every. I loved my straight 6 cyl supercharged 97 but this 02 is even better. Unlimited smooth instant rear wheel power with fully defeatable trac. Light them up through 3rd! Perfect for dad with a few kids. Great everyday driver!! Tires and brakes are pricey. I have 94k as of now, bought with 19k. Highly maintained all services and drives so well I find myself leaving the music off just to hear the engine and car itself. Nothing drives like this car. I have come close to wrecking cheap rental cars many times. Tires squeal when I am turning and braking. Seems I wait to long too turn and wait too long to brake in thise cheap cars.

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2002 XJR after one year

Ailean Mor, 11/22/2002
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This vehicle has been a great pleasure to own and drive. It combines the desired features of luxury, performance, reliability and safety into a package that does not come without a significant price tag, but is well-positioned when compared to similar vehicles in its class.

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And what more could you ask for?

Steve Mitchell, 07/12/2002
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Due to recent tax changes for company car users in the UK its now time to buy my own for the first time in 20 years.I have had the fortune to run an XJR in 1998 as a company supplied vehicle so when the decision had to be made on the first self purchased car there was only one option! Ive now bought a 1998 XJR 23000 miles on the clock and its like sittin gin my favourite chair after a gap of 4 years in Teutonic boredom chariots! No good mentioning shortcomings...too late as the new one is just around the corner..besides I dont play golf and dont sit in the back.

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Power and Grace

deaningred, 07/15/2002
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370 HP in a machine so beautiful is truly unique. Sheer acceleration and handling far surpasses my previous S- Classes and 7-series. Interior comfort is surprisingly good for my 6'5'' frame. Exterior and interior design always earns admiring comments. With 19 inch wheels and huge tires this car draws attention wherever it goes. It's nice to see the Benz and BMW owners wait endlessly for valets to get their car while my XJR is parked prominently in the front and center.

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