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Stand out in the Crowd but get credit card ready!

Mike Marshall, 02/21/2016
XJ8 4dr Sedan
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If you can't afford to drive a $70K car then don't and this applies to used/older ones. I'm 55, a car nut since a kid and buy cars based on looks but that can be expensive. If you want reliability you'll have to buy an ugly Japanese car but if you want something "cool" well this Red 1999 Jaguar XJ8 with chrome wheels is gorgeous BUT buy one from someone else who has already spent thousands of dollars on the many repairs that come with "being cool". I bought this car around 2012 from Orig owner with 61K miles in San Diego in show room condition but was APPALLED to see all of the repair receipts from the original owner on a car with only 61K miles. The receipts totaled well over $12,000 and YES you will replace those plastic timing belt tensioners (orig. owner paid for that thankfully!) The only reason I bought this is because I'm retired so don't drive much and have only put 5,000 miles on it and hoping for now more expensive repairs but have had one of the 8 expensive coils replaced, windshield wiper reservoir leaks, oil pan gasket just replaced, smog issue fixed. Potential head gasket leak as of now. Front shock blown. All that in Just the 5000 miles that I've driven it. SO on the positive side, it is a classic beautiful car, drives and handles like a Corvette, great power esp. when sport mode is set. Quiet and nice to drive, took it up to 110 mph thru Camp Pendleton one night late with no traffic around and was quiet, felt safe, stable, solid and was very impressed. Interior is nice quality except cheap cup holders and no storage space. Tight back seat on this short wheel base model. If I bought one again I'd def. have gotten the XJR after seeing the almost 400Hp and foot lbs of torque and 0-60 in 5.2 seconds (better than my former 1999 Mercedes S600 V-12 by a full second!) Those are even worse in reliability/repairs (NEVER touch a Mercedes built after 1991!) So, like anything in life, "you get what you paid for" and got a great buy at only $5000 BUT can see why these cars are so cheap because of terrible reliability but will enjoy occasionally driving it and it gets TONS of compliments from both old and young people as it really stands out on the road. Ford improved it in 1997 but would not recommend this car to anyone on a "budget" as "it pay$ to be cool" but for $5K in this mint condition I do love the car and I've owned 60+cars. Remember, if you buy...........look for orig owner WITH ALL REPAIR RECEIPTS AND MAKE SURE TENSIONERS HAVE BEEN REPLACED AS IT IS "DNA" DEFECT AND WILL COST YOU SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS TO REPAIR. The last receipt I got from the old guy/orig owner was for $4900 for misc stuff that should NOT break! **My mechanic says best to get a 2000+model as it works better with the newer computer analytic repair tools that mechanics use. Also, helpful hint, if your message center comes up with "Stability control/ABS" not working, don't automatically assume you need the expensive main computer module, mechanic says each 4 wheels has a single monitor and even just one going out will give out this message BUT way cheaper to replace just the 1 or 2 individual wheel sensors VS main computer module which may NOT be the problem. Also just disconnecting the battery to "reset" it works often. As mentioned, electronic issues are one of the main problems on these cars. ON the good side, car saved my life when I swerved harder than I ever have to avoid a car of the freeway that cut out of bumper to bumper traffic right in front of me as I was going by at approx 50mph, this Jag handled like a "go cart" and handled beautifully and went right around that car with no squeeling, leaning, rolling over. IT DID EXACTLY WHAT MY EMERGENCY REFLECTS TOLD IT TO DO AND AVOIDED A HEAD ON COLLISION!! THANK YOU JAGUAR!! (and I still look cool in it!!!) I get offers to buy this car often!

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Superb British Luxury Automibile!

1999 Jaguar VDP, 12/15/2008
Vanden Plas 4dr Sedan
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Very awesome car - exceeded my expectations! The best luxury vehicle I have driven - quiet, smooth & comfortable! I have owned few Cadillac & BMW cars in the past, this Jag is more reliable than either one. Not as fun to drive as BMW, but this VDP gives you a feeling of driving Rolls Royce with its elegance, comfort & smooth ride. 1998-2003 VDP models are the best, when Ford bought them - quality & reliability got worse! I personally would not buy any car new - but even 10 year old, with low miles & well taken care of - Vanden Plas is an awesome car! It matters a lot who owns this car - if you take care of it (drive it normally & maintain regularly) - it will drive well for a long time!

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A perfect beast

phil, 06/12/2009
XJ8 4dr Sedan
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After a little over 5 months with this car I can say that my 1999 Jaguar XJ8 is the best car I've ever owned. I was lucky enough to get a one owner, dealer serviced car that was owned by a single male. The back seat was never even sat in. The power is impressive for a 4,100 pound car, but the biggest surprise was the cornering ability and overall road feel of the car. This is not like my Cadillac of old which was a living room on wheels. This car lets you "feel" the driving experience. My friends always want to take my car, despite one owning a 5 series BMW and the other driving a convertible Mustang GT. Who wants to drive a car you see every day...this car is full of character.

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rainere, 04/15/2013
XJ8 4dr Sedan
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I've had my xj8 for about 6 months now and it just got past 1000 miles that I put on since I bought it. What can I say? It's an absolute amazing car, just got in a wreck with a Jeep and held up like a champ, I felt completely safe and secure in that car and believe me the same can't be said for the Jeep. The car is a tank, I love it, it's peppy and fast and sexy on the inside. So happy with the results of my purchase. I'm sad that the car was hit, but she is being repaired by the best shop I know specializing in British imports. Love my car, she's the best. Never getting rid of her.

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Not very reliable

Jimmy, 09/16/2009
Vanden Plas 4dr Sedan
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I have had this car almost 2 years now without much luck. Unless you have plenty of money to put into it look elsewhere. You can bet you will need a new timing chain kit somewhere starting at 60,000. Poor, poor design on the chain and guides. This is an expensive fix!! Very!! Fixes...Power antenna (of course), driver seat power switch, rear view mirror, vacuum lines, brakes (warped rotors). The check engine light is always coming on, different problem each time. Transmission fluid is $65.00 a quart. No owner service. The car is good looking and very nice to drive, but the problems with it are horrible. There are a lot of nice looking cars out there...I would choose one of them!!

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