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i love it,i hate it

pitbull, 02/22/2010
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I recently bought my passport used,with 120.000 miles on it,it initially ran great; until it decided to drop every solenoid and control devices to actuate the 4wd, after repairing all that, it then decided to fail just about every emission control sensor/device under the hood ive replaced the a/i/c, the m/a/p,t/p/s and the m/a/f, and still have problems with a check engine light and, i said its really a joy to drive when it wants to run. also to my dismay,it being an isuzu..there are isuzu parts, general motors parts,and some componentry that can be listed as idk???? so the prices for these parts vary from expensive to outrageous. i love it i hate it....

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It leaks from everywhere!!

JJA78, 02/08/2005
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It is difficult for me to think of a spot in this vehicle that does not leak. Oil leak, sunroof leak, door leak, window leak, and radiator leak ... all culminating in the last nine months. Didn't do so great in the Colorado Rockies either. Major lack of power at higher altitudes.

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Love it to death

Honda Man, 05/19/2008
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I have a 96 Passport with 218,000 and counting. Mechanical issues have been almost non existent. I use it to drive on the beach, pull my trailer and it has been on several family vacations. Most wonderful vehicle I have ever owned Honda buyer for life.

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Great lil' SUV

Colton P, 08/05/2009
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I bought this vehicle because I needed something more reliable than my old truck after I wrecked my Jeep. So far, its been pretty good. I took care of a couple of precautionary measures (belts, engine tune, etc.) and had to replace one window motor (easy to do, and it cost me $45). This little vehicle is great, it gets pretty good gas mileage. I love the 4wd on the fly. I have a black one, and recently put on a chrome brush guard and had the windows tinted really dark. This is one mean looking SUV now. I can get it to 45 mph from a dead stop in 50 yards. Great interior layout, and its pretty comfortable. Did I mention it looks cool? Great buy for a used car.

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1996 Honda Passport 4 DR LX 4WD Wagon

Imposter, 11/13/2007
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Wow. Honda sure pulled the wool over the eyes of some of us naive Honda lovers. I am driving nothing more than an Isuzu Rodeo with Honda emblems. Bought this vehicle with 80K miles in 03. Since then, I have replaced 3 electric window motors, two rear gate gas shocks and it has a constant lifter ticking for which there doesn't seem to be a solution. A good looking SUV, especially in 1996 but this one is "egg on the face" for Honda Motors.

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Not Bad after all

Rhea, 10/28/2002
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I purchased this vehicle as an inbetween from an old clunker suv until I can afford a brand new one. This has felt like a new car, No mechanical problems, door locks like to stay down on the unlock though, and I personally can't stand the automatic locking doors as soon as the ignition key is turned! (took me three times of getting locked out while motor running to get many duplicate keys made!) Goes thru 1 qt oil every 2-3k. Lifters make a bit more noise than I think they should. But other than that, It's been a nice car, Getting ready to look for that Brand new one soon!

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The Lemon

Sucking the Lemon, 12/27/2002
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This is a lemon. I heartily recommend that anyone considering this vehicle look elsewhere. Be aware it is NOT a Honda - it is an Isuzu with a Honda badge, so forget about Honda's reputation. This should be judged as an Isuzu Rodeo.

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enzo, 06/25/2002
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too boxy, needs better gas milage

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Works For me.

Robbs, 11/26/2002
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I have had this SUV for the last two years and havent had a problem with it yet.

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It's Like a Family Member!

jgs, 07/23/2003
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The Passport has been the absolute best vehicle I have ever owned. Previous vehicles owned, Accord, Civic, BMW, Dodge Ram and VW. It has been trouble free. I have had new tires, shocks installed and general tune-ups. The reason I am writing this review is that it is now totaled from a fool pulling out into my lane. I will offer the insurance a reduced settlement in order to keep it and find someone to repair it! I LOVE THE PASSPORT THAT MUCH! Yes the door locks stick and it is using some oil but it has been an extremely inexpensive vehicle to drive. By the way...GREAT crash protection. Absorbed much of the collision with minor injury to myself.

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my 96 passport

travneal, 07/12/2004
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I bought my Passport from a small dealer in colorado after seeing it on the internet. My buying experience wasn't that great, but I am very happy with the car. I have purchased it with 111,000 miles on it, and it is still going strong with a little help from a new air intake. The car is fun to drive and has great offroad ability. I have had very few problems with it, things that the dealer should have fixed before I bought it, wich were taken care of. I have driven it for over two years on the highway, and off road, and I have had no complaints at all about the ride and cabin noise from any passengers I have ever had. In all I would buy it all over again.

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Reliable and durable

Frank Avalon, 01/18/2005
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The Honda Passport has been extremely reliable. It has also performed very well in the snow, more some than some of the more car-like SUV's of recent years. Everything I would expect of a vehicle with the Honda name and more. I've owned it for 6 years w/o major issues.

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