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Best all around low priced car

BigBear123, 10/06/2009
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So, love the car... except the interior, interior for this model just feels cheap all around from the visually unappealing "cock pit" dash to basic button layout for controls, and cloth on doors. Girlfriend just got 2010 mazda 3, it's interior blows civics away, from tech to looks. Super fun to drive, even just around town, but really is not that fast which is good and keeps me out of trouble. Fuel is what u expect, but uses premium, if u care that much get a different car. Bang for your buck, can't beat it though, good looking, fun to drive, reliable, car has everything for a reasonable price... except interior, well I like the seats, they are comfy, I am also not a big guy though.

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Fun ride

leb686, 10/27/2009
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I just got this car last night and thus far in my opinion its pretty sick. I don't have money pouring out my ears, so I feel there's a lot of bang for your buck in this one. Corners great, quick acceleration. Love the nav in it, that really can pull the interior together. Had leather seats in my old car and they just got visibly scuffed up so I like this material, and it doesn't melt skin in the summer. Only had it for a day so I may be jumping the gun, but I love it up to this point. It's also not too fast which is good, it does keep you out of trouble. (maybe my favorite feature) I would certainly advise people to buy this car.

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A lot of value for the price

David, 03/19/2010
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The car has a solid sports car feel. Then the vtech kicks in and it launches; feels similar to a turbo engage. Beautiful naturally aspired performed while still yielding 30mpg on the highway (i have been getting 32 mpg). I find the interior to be very comfortable and the required touch points are all within reach of the driver (radio, mirrors, door handles, etc). These are becoming increasingly hard to find with rumors of no more 2010 Civic SIs being built to make way for the 2011 transformation. If you can find one, i would most certainly recommend it!

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Another Honda Lover

Mary, 05/13/2010
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This is my third Honda. I just love the quality, reliability and feel of the car. I got 34 MPG with the first tank with mixed driving--only had it for 2 weeks. Got some fog lights thrown in (not installation) and a great price! I am very happy with my purchase.

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Slow boat to nowhere

kevin, 06/26/2010
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I picked up this silk wallet and it was still a sows ear. Loud inside . When I demoed it the salesman said oh don't accelerate too fast it might not be good 4 the engine. so I obliged and drove it medium speed and it seemed to provide all that I needed. After I bought it , which was my fault as I was in a rush, when I punched it to get it up to 60 on the fwy it sounded like a 1000 pack of black cat firecrackers going off under the hood or tarmac level when a A380 takes off Heavy. Thought the damn thing was going to explode. Then the mileage -- I'm getting sub-20s and I do 50/50 fwy city so I took it in and they said it needs to break in. My foot's gonna break it in soon. there's more but no room.

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Fun, Fast, Invigorating

mitch, 10/06/2009
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Lots of fun to drive. You'll hear people talk about the low torque, but there's plenty of power to bring you to 60mph very quickly. Fast, fun car, with Honda efficiency and build quality. Typical civic interior design leaves a bit to be desired on the luxury end, but you get what you pay for. Car is very capable on the road and when driving aggressively through corners and on the highway. The sound this car makes when driving, is something that truly must be heard first hand to fully appreciate. All this with real world MPG rating supposedly around 28-32. The car and all its components feel solid and high quality.

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Awesome Car for the money!

stup62, 09/23/2010
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First import I've ever owned. Like the attention to detail. Awesome sound system, although a 6 cd radio would've been nicer. Impressive acceleration, car just wants to go,go, go! Probably why my mileage is a little less than what I expected. Overall, very happy with the car.

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