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Michael Walsh, 07/25/2016
GSi 2dr Hatchback
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I have owned car since new 26 years ago and still looks like new , it is an everyday driver and has recently been driven all over the country . Has been on the Route 66 Trip round trip and still has the factory Freon from assembly line blowing ice cold. The car was made by Isuzu for Chevy and the only thing Chevy is the badge . Best car I have ever owned or will own , don't know about yours or one you might find but if you bought one new and took care of it properly you know what I am talking about for sure ! THIS CAR WAS OVER BUILT PERIOD ! Would never sell the best car I have ever owned , who would and for what reason?..............Everything in this review is still a true statement one year later on 1 25 2017 .Would like to see how far or how long this car will last, still looks and runs great ! Still have the car as of 1-27-18 and running strong , doing 6800 rpm. shifts daily . Had to let the factory freon go as I replaced the heater core and it could not be avoided . Converted air conditioning system to 134a, it is also working strong. Knocking on the door of 145,000 miles and recent replacements include...... Heater core as stated. Factory freon converted to 134a. Fuel pump and strainer. Both half axles , one was clicking. Headlight relay . 4 new tires . Rebuilt alternator. Replaced pcv. valve Replaced 4 new champion plugs. Replaced oxygen senor. Replaced spark plug wires . Replaced cap and rotor. Replaced ignition coil . Replaced egr. valve. Cleaned throttle body. Oil and filter changed . All wiper blades replaced. Windshield washer pump. Installed Satellite Radio replaced speakers. Not doing anything different then I have ever done with any car ! If you take care of them they take care of you! Have a friend who's 1990 storm G'S I just turned 300k. I also burn non leaded non ethanol 89 octane marine fuel which is easy to get as I live on a barrier island . This is what the car was designed to burn , 25/34 mpg. All fluids in car have been switched to synthetic , NO LEAKS....ZERO ! The key to long lasting gasoline engines is simple...... Maintenance and a CAST IRON BLOCK! MICHAEL WALSH (MW) signing off . HAPPY MOTORING!

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90 geo storm gsi

Nitro, 03/29/2010
GSi 2dr Hatchback
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I bought this car for two hundred dollars from a bud since he was going to junk it becuse his radiator went out and this car looks brand new so i bought it before he could junk it. I've only got like 345 dollars in this thing and i got people asking to but it anywhere from $300-$1200. i wouldn't sell it i absolutely love driving this car. I'm bout to repaint it blue chrome! but if you could find one to fix up and drive or to sell i would go for it in a minute. this car is amazing and worth every penny..

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Good Car for the money

tonym, 07/11/2002
2+2 2dr Hatchback
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My grandmother gave me my Storm. She bought it brand new in 1990. She loved it. It never gave them any serious trouble, got good gas mileage, and had cheap insurance. The only reason she gave it to me is because she is handicapped and cannot get out of the house by herself. She needeed a bigger vehicle. Anyways, I think that the Storm is a good first car for a teenager. It has good styling, especially considering its age, it has good fuel economy and cheap insurance. And an airbag, which many cars this old don't have. It could use another speed in the base models auto, but other than that no big design prob. Overall, a good , reliable car for not much money.

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Best car I ever owned

Richard, 05/03/2008
2+2 2dr Hatchback
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I bought this car in New Jersey when I sold my 1978 Mercedes for 5 times what I paid for it in California. I couldn't say no! Then I needed a car to drive back to California because I needed to pick up my dog in Texas. I had a 560 SEC Mercedes in storage and was going to give the Geo to my son. After driving it to California I loved the car! I have been driving it since I bought it. Put almost 100 thousand miles in about 5 years and only put brakes and tires on it!

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A great commuter

sneakerfreak93, 04/28/2010
2+2 2dr Hatchback
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I aquired this car in December of 2008. I did not have too many opportunities to drive the vehical because I did not have a license but the times I did, I loved it. The paint was faded and dash was cracked but this was expected considering the age of the car. The only thing replaced was the clutch which was difficult but worthwhile. The 1.6l was plenty peppy with the 5 speed manual and the gas milage was bliss! For a daily commuter or even a budget autocross vehical, i would definantly reccomend it. Handling was good especially considering it was the base model and the interior room was surprisingly good for a hatch. I sold the car in September of 2009 for $1000 (a very fair, even low price.)

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