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My 2nd Ford Probe

criticsdarling, 06/05/2009
2dr Hatchback
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The 1997 Ford probe was my 2nd (my first was a 1990). The 1990 died at 140K mi and my 1997 is at 130K on it's final legs. It's been a pretty good, reliable car, but in the last 6 months I've had to put in $1000 in repairs. It's had computer chip problems, the axles fell out, new battery, the exhaust is starting to fall out. It's fun to drive and looks great! Sometimes repairs are a bit unusual because I am told it's actually a Mazda, so the parts are not from Ford. I've truly loved this car, I'm sad it's life is over.

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Don't buy a Ford Probe

Matt, 03/18/2006
GT 2dr Hatchback
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It's a fun car to drive but reliability isn't great. I've replaced both cv joints, alternator, catalytic converter, two distributors, and to top it all off, right after I bought it with 29,000 miles on it, the electrical "brain" that controls all electronics crapped out. Even with the extended warranty that came with the car when I bought it used it still cost me 200 bucks to fix it! RIDICULOUS! That's why I'm going to buy a Toyota.

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More fun than my Mustang

kingbell4, 04/23/2008
GT 2dr Hatchback
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Bought in '06 with 77k on it. Now has 112k miles. Only problem was a sensor that went out. Fun to drive! Great in rain/snow. Flashy little car. Definitely not made to haul people in - back seats aren't very roomy, but it's a sports sedan. I just can't believe its performance. Can definitely hold its own, and I get about 29 miles per gallon doing 80mph every day! It rocks! Wish they still made these!

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97 2 door probe gts

hilltw, 05/19/2012
GT 2dr Hatchback
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I got a great deal with this car. I never really heard of it until I bought it. My last car got smashed into when it was parked and got paid and rode to the store with someone and I saw this car with a $2500 price tag driving by. Of course we cut the guy off and then brought it. I didn't know what I was getting when I bought it. I had a fun problem when I first bought it is was a lot more power then I was used to so I was burning my tires all time. The guy before took great care of it and my mechanic told me it could almost pass as new and it had 135000 miles on it. I did run into some engine problem like it was over heating and stuff like that because hoses were old and stuff like that.

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Looks can be decieving

Brian J., 03/26/2009
GT 2dr Hatchback
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Bought my 97 Probe GT with nearly 145k on it the end of January 2009. The same day i drove it off the lot, the dreadful check engine light came on. Drove fine intill i was on my way home 4 days later, car stalled out and i had to pull it to side of road. It has an electrical issue that causes it to stall out and no given time and it will restart when it wants, Mazda specialist couldnt diagnose problem. After stalling on me 50+ times the 350 miles i drove it, it finally died on me on March 1st, i was taking off from my driveway and the timing belt went, killing the engine. I love the car, but Probe GTs are extremely troublesome if they were beaten. Very expensive to maintain. Dont buy Probes.

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