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Should I have the water pump replaced?

jahmn, 07/20/2010
GT 2dr Hatchback
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This car has been fantastic. Now I have my 1st original part to replace per maintenance - the timing belt at now 60,000 miles. The mechanic suggested doing the water pump also, but there is no indication of wear or imminent failure. A logical suggestion, but are water pumps a problem with this car? I drove it down to the local classic car/hot-rod parade and got waved into it. There were people asking how it could be a Ford (never seen one). They could not believe Ford made such a good looking car. I am the original owner and ordered 5-speed manual, hot-rod red, 16" wide/chrome wheels. It still gets lots of looks. Nothing corners as well as this car - freaks people out.

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Turning out to be expensive

Brian, 04/29/2009
GT 2dr Hatchback
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I bought this car for 2,500 back in may and have had to spend another 3,000 in repairs. its turning into such a hassle. when it's running good it's a great car. pretty quick, very good handling, but once again not very reliable.

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Probes respond to attention

classic probe, 07/26/2010
GT 2dr Hatchback
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Having owned a probe v6 gt for 12 years, I must say its been really reliable as a day to day driver. The only problem, which caused the car not to start, was a faulty distributor module, which is an integral part of the Mitsubishi distributor used in these vehicles, {a known problem} once replaced at 163,000 km the car is running really well. I made it a habit to flush the oil at 20k intervals, while servicing the car at 5000klm intervals, and I only use Mobil 1 5w- 50 synthetic oil, k and n oil and air filters, and castrol synthetic 75w gear oil. The flush I use for the engine is liquid moly, and is very effective, hence no lifter noise! I replaced the cam belt, idlers, water pump and plugs, re book.

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Lori's Car

Lori1985, 09/25/2003
GT 2dr Hatchback
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I love my Probe. I have my car for over a year and a half and have had few problems with it. Until recently, the only repairs I have had were for the air conditioner and air bag light. Other than that, my car has ran pretty good. Like I said, I love my car!

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Fun, nice looking repair prone car

Robert Ranzer, 12/21/2008
GT 2dr Hatchback
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I bought my GT new. While it is a great looking vehicle ive had a few problems. Recently had the top and lower idler pulleys in the engine go. That would have been fatal for the engine without a little luck. At 50,000 miles I had the ignition distributor assembly go. The engine just shut off in rush hour traffic. $700 for remanufactred part. Radiator in 04. Water pump in 03. Spark plug wire set in 02. R/F and L/F axles in 03. The rear lift on the hatch loses it,s ability to stay up. Had that fixed before. The car leaks coolant and a little oil. My mechanic says don't worry about it cause it's not worth fixing. I know the car is old but it has only 60,000 miles on it. Fun to drive.

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