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Fun to drive work horse of a little wagon.

Rick Ehrsam, 10/04/2015
SE 4dr Wagon
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The focus now has >173000 miles. Principal drivers are my wife and daughter. They like that it is easy to drive & park, and has very good visibility through the back and side windows. I recently replaced the plastic thermostat housing, a wheel bearing, ball joint, and rear stabilizers. most money I've spent on the car in many years. Engine is still strong and the car tracks nicely at 90mph Older: The ztec is a great little engine. my car has 162000 miles (260000km). originally paid $16280USD ttl included. i've been through two sets of all weather tires and two sets of winter tires (pass driving is much easier with snow tires). I've replaced the brakes twice, one set of struts, timing belt replaced (yes, it is a necessary maintenance item at about 100K), two sets of spark plugs, an EGR valve and an O2 sensor and tie rod ends thanks to the crappy seattle roads. Oil changes every 5000 miles and transmission oil changed every 30K miles. I just replaced the battery for the second time in 15 years. It's been a super inexpensive car to own. and I rely on it for 350 mile trips on a regular basis. If you find a well maintained 2000-2004 SW with a ztec engine, it should be a fine car to own and drive.

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Very Reliable

mazzaro67, 04/17/2011
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Well balanced, handling and solid feel without the road noise !!! Overall a great designed and attractive hatchback. Ford Focus ZX3 got daughter home in her 1st blizzard at nite. Drove me to work for 8 years x 70miles each day. 5 very long trips over 1000 miles. I even slept in the back for 2 nites. Now at 112k miles, everything still works fine. I did change the following once: Battery, Brakes, Tires, Thermostat housing, Belts, hoses, filters, front tie rod links, and plugs. Nothing on this car is hard to work on either.

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Mine was good

carebearkon, 05/19/2014
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My focus has been going strong for 184k miles, which probably isn't the norm. It idles rough from an unbalanced engine. The power locks and a/c don't work. The headlights are easily scratched and get really dim. The hatch doesn't hold open in the cold. I've had to replace the ignition ($300) struts ($400) ball joints ($500) and vacuum hose ($80) in the 60k miles I have owned it.

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Great commuter car.

anthony224, 06/24/2013
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I owned my focus for awhile now and I am well over 200k miles and it still runs like new and can drive anywhere while still getting great gas mileage. On average I get about 29-30 with mixed driving. The car is very reliable and has never let me down the only things I needed to replace on it was the 14 year old brake booster and a radiator hose that dry rotted. As long as you maintain the fluids and drive the car normally it should last you 200k miles+. Enough room to comfortably fit 3 adults and a 4th with a little effort. The car does great in the snow with the right tiers on the front. If your looking for a nice affordable car for daily driving look no further.

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Love My Ford Focus

edcetera, 11/14/2012
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My 2000 Ford Focus is the only vehicle that I've bought brand new ... on an angry whim when another Ford I owned broke down one too many times. Turns out, it was a great move. I've had it now for 12 years and it has 335,00 miles on it. I'm shooting for 400,000! More importantly, other than routine maintainance, the car has only had mechanical problems 3 times in all those years and miles (a broken fan belt, and two failed alternators). That's it! There are some minor things that have eventually failed, such as a CD player which, for some weird reason, only allows me to change CDs the first thing in the morning. I still drive it daily for work. I still drive it daily with no fears.

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