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Loved this car, but hated turning radius

SuMo, 05/01/2010
GT 2dr Convertible (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 5M)
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I was just in a wreck and totaled my car after 5 years and 55,000 miles. I can speak from experience - this car did wonderfully in a front end collision at 50 mph. I walked away unhurt. Now to the car itself: This car was reliable, never in the shop for any major repairs. I loved the leather seats and seat warmers. The top is so easy to put up and down - I commonly did it while waiting at a stoplight. It had decent trunk space and could easily accommodate 4 passengers. My major complaints with this car were the poor gas mileage (mid/high teens in the city) and the worst turning radius of any car I have ever driven. The car also had some pretty significant blind spots when the top was up.

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Design Flaws Kill this car for me.

aut0savant, 01/31/2015
Touring 2dr Convertible (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 4A)
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The problems start by design. This car is not user friendly when it comes to roadside emergency. the way the engine is set up, its almost impossible to simply replace a tire under an hour. the spare tire retainer is bolted under the car that must be accessed from the trunk. If you ever wanted to replace your spare tire with a full sized tire, the retainer is far to small. The thermostat retainer is very poorly designed. Chrysler has made it in such a way that its almost necessary to remove the intake manifold rather work around/under it. When the thermostat seizes -- rather than have a high-pressure release, it will just rupture a hose (usually the smallest near the air filter.)

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Fun, not economical

ResearchPaysOff, 08/07/2010
Touring 2dr Convertible (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 4A)
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I love this car for what I bought it for, a fun, affordable, four seat convertible with a power top.

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No More Blues!

garcande, 10/24/2013
Touring 2dr Convertible (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 4A)
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Well, it's finally fixed. I have a convertible again! You'll recall from my last review that I was still waiting for the parts from Chrysler which may/ or not come in December. I decided to search the web again for rebuilt parts. I finally found a company in Oregon that rebuilds the cylinders better than new. Better yet, they have an exchange policy that allows you to get the new parts up front and return the old ones for a credit. The Chrysler service team actually had to call them to find out how to install them, as they only know how to replace the complete unit (which you can't get)! I must say they were very helpful and I'm sure they never want to see me again. That's all for now!

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My PT Cruiser Convertible

bilmac1, 08/16/2012
Touring 2dr Convertible (2.4L 4cyl Turbo 4A)
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I simply love my PT Convertible, it has served me very well, no engine problems, no major problems at all, just routine maintenance, and I have had it for 7 years! It gets decent gas mileage, not like some of today's models are getting, but who can really complain about 20 miles per gallon of 75% town and 25% highway miles.

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