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Wish It Were Better

AbCdEf, 11/29/2002
4dr Sedan
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Handsome, very comfortable, roomy car, but considering my low mileage and the high-end price, seriously unreliable. Since I have owned it, the ABS, electrics, suspension, transmission, wires (computer) and air compressor have failed and had to be replaced between the ages of 6 months and approximately 6 years. Engine seems fine because oil was changed every 3- 4,000 miles without fail. Transmission is particularly poor. Brakes not good either. After 88,000 miles, I will sell it because I have to keep putting big money into it.

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This car keeps on going

Richard, 02/14/2009
4dr Sedan
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Purchased said Chrysler Imperial in 1990 and have owned it ever since. I now have 137,500 miles on vehicle and have had no problems maintenance wise except for usual expected replacement parts, oil changes, tires,etc. I plan on keeping this car for at least another 20 years or so. You can take that to the bank!

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My Lady Blue

Todd, 01/04/2018
4dr Sedan
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I bought my Imperial over 10 years ago. Nice sporty comfortable car had 79,000 miles. I am the second owner. Plenty of power & great fuel economy. I have had MPG as high as 29 mpg at 55 mph on Interstate. Never thought It would last this long. Has over 190,000 miles. But now for the bad. 2 months after I bought it. Had a electrical problem. After a month of searching & tearing car down to find the short? Dimmer multi function switch had shorted out when the sun visor on passengers side was used. Then the next winter I kept getting a dead battery. Found a Short in Head light switch. Had to replace switch & the connector so I would have lights. The Drivers side window motor burned up during a record cold month. The next year was great with few problems. Normal Maintenance. Then the short circuits started again. The ABS light came on. $350 later the rip off repair shop said the ABS Pump & Master cylinder unit need to be replaced. $1000? Drove it with no ABS for years till I found on on Ebay for $250. Took several days to remove all the bolts & 10 brake lines. Between the years of finding the ABS problem. Have replaced the Digital Dash instruments 3 times & the PCM 4 times. Have spare one now. Current problem after I had to replace the rear axle due to rusting off of spring mounts caused a short to fuel pump & found the air ride system mounted behind passengers side rear quarter panel. Had another short circuit. As usual the Head light, Multifunction switch & sympathetic relays. Had to find a local repair shop look over the Chrysler. Nobody works on cars this old. They found the 60 way connector had loose wires & if it was wiggled? The engine would shut down & not start. Well that too a week. Now waiting for weather to warm up. Have to replace the wiring & connector to PCM. I found one of a few in USA. Still can't find any one that will work on the old Chrysler. One good thing I have had with this Chrysler Imperial. If I can find the parts. Replace the electrical components? She will start & run with strong motor & excellent fuel economy. The Body is fair to very rough. Never have I got stuck in snow. But she runs strong & will smoke the tires if given too much throttle. If a Chrysler Imperial can be found to purchase? Have a good mechanic of trusted dealer check the electrical out. The Engine & transmission are a strong part of this Chrysler. I have not had a problem with either. If a problem supposedly is the engine? Check all the electrical for both Engine & Transmission. I recommend the car because when she is running? Best car I have owned I have had several. Update 01/14/2020. Replace Water pump & replaced rotten hose. New old stock over flow tank, New Radio Amplifier & 2 speakers in December. Still running with over 200,000 miles.

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1991 Chrysler Imperial

Fred W. Hoffman, 12/30/2002
4dr Sedan
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We live in a small town and the car has worked just fine for us for these past few years. it handles very well on the road and is an easy start in winter. We have always kept the car in the garage since our ownership. The tires are very good. Transmission was replaced 3 years ago. No major problems with the car. We change the oil often.

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I'll miss her

coolv, 09/25/2004
4dr Sedan
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This was a very reliable car. I didn't have any problems at all. I didn't fix anything on it. Was a little slow out the box, but the car was 13-14 years old. Performed as well as a caddy on the interstate. I easily passed much newer cars. I couldn't tell I was going so fast. This was a very smooth car. Interior was near new condition. Car was white (no rust) with burgundy interior (unbelievable condition). Transmission was a little rough.

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