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Z6603, 10/12/2004
11 of 11 people found this review helpful

The Interior is a bit stuffy, forget about adjusting the driver seat with the door closed. Cheap center console lid, will redo in walnut. Other than the above this thing is a blast. Normal driving (if you can) gets good results in miles per gallon. Love the exhaust note, I should charge chevrolet for advertising being I have to show people of all ages the vehicle whenever I stop. So for I am pleased with this vehicle. If you buy this vehicle when you are over 40 like me, get ready for the mid life jokes there are coming.

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Silver Streak

SilverStreak, 10/15/2006
10 of 11 people found this review helpful

Biggest complaints: Road noise in the cabin. Also miss the temp/direction mirror like in my TrailBlazer LXT. My first sportcar and it's a head turner. Can be a nice docile little putt putt going to the grocery store, but stand on the pedal and you're rocking at 85 without a thought. Love the top, but I do have a paint wear spot on the passenger side.

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The coolest car ever .

shams, 05/05/2010
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I have driven almost every exotic car being in the car business for many years, there is none as fun and as cool as the six speed SSR i bought from Freehold Pontiac. GM made the mistake of introducing the SSR with a weak engine initially, what a mistake! that is why this magnificent did not do well, they should remake the car with some upgrades and a 600 HP engine. and you will see that it will outsell any convertible sport car out there, this work of art turns more heads than Ferrari and Lambo. It is such fun to drive that when you get home , you feel like going out again for another ride, now that is cool, how many other cars can you say that for? I hope GM is reading our comments.

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wayne, 07/21/2005
5 of 5 people found this review helpful

Fun to drive, love the covertible hard top. Mileage has been 15.9 mpg for the 7,000 miles driven. Excellent quality, no problems so far.

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Show Stopper

mtunstl, 04/12/2005
4 of 4 people found this review helpful

This is a well designed and well built muscle car for the new century. A sleeper at the stop light and a lightning bolt on the straightaway. It's not a "cop catcher" but it is an "eye catcher". Men and women of all ages love this car because it is fun and different from what you see all over the roads today. It has a little retro styling with all the best technology of today. Form and function in one cute little pick-up.

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From 2 wheels to 4...

Dr. HG Argon, 01/01/2017
2dr Regular Cab Convertible LS Rwd SB (6.0L 8cyl 4A)
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Having motorcycles all my adult life, and was looking for a new direction to go. Spotted a SlingShot Yellow SSR in a local used car lot. A 2005 6 speed with all the options and only 10K miles. Harry, as it's known (Taxi by HArry Chapin was the influence),is all grins and a fun driver. Love the sound of the burbling exhaust and the push in your back acceleration. The quality of the interior components is my only real complaint. Cheesy and plastic. They are certainly not up to the quality of the "look" the SSR presents. Otherwise, Harry is great fun and now I'm one of those guys who parks at the far end of the lot. PS...stay home when it rains or drive something else,,,no traction control and 400 HP & Fat tires make for a Tilt-a-Whirl ride. Harry will never see snow!

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Mark's Black Magic

Mark Steed, 04/12/2006
4 of 5 people found this review helpful

I had no intention on buying the SSR but once I test drove it, I was hooked! My former hot rod was a 67 Chevelle SS. It doesn't have the pull of the 396, but it's just as quick in the 1/8th & it's a little more fun actually with its handling. You must pay attention in turns & parking due to the pontoon fenders. It's quite the head turner & have had nothing but bad things said about it cause let's face it...Its phat! Paint & finish could be a lot better quality. It looks good with & w/o the running boards, but for $1600.00 they look good on mine. Extras are outragous, but comes w/the territory. The top's compartment bonnet rattles a little when it's windy & when my speed is up. All in all it's my heartskip in America

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I had an SSR

wayne, 07/03/2008
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Overheated numerous times, fan quit at 20k miles, transmission leak at 30k miles, electronics when out 3 times, broken inside door handles got stuck in car once when they broke. GM is just selling cheap parts, no electric fan should break down that many times in 25K miles.

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Chargers SSR

Slingshot Yellow, 12/30/2004
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

This is my second SSR. I love almost everything about the vehicle. Seat controls are tight between door. The retractable top is very convient and fast. I'm a car nut, own six now, by far the SSR gets more attention than any vehicle I've ever owned. It's unreal how many people (all ages)stop to look and ask questions. All comments positive, I've never received a single negative comment. I can't wait to get my hands on the 454/425 Blackbird SSR. Where and how can I acquire one ? The 390 just isn't enough muscle for me. I'm considering one of the new 500 hp ...... Corvette's. Chevy keep up the good work

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From C5 to SSR

H D Lee, 01/23/2005
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Due to a recent stroke, I sold my 04 C5 Corvette convertible and bought a 05 SSR. Still wanted the driving FUN & convertible. The SSR is a little easier to get in & out of. I love the exhaust note of the SSR, one of the best features. The top is a breeze to operate. Has great sound system. The 05 has the LS2 motor with 390 hp. (detuned Vette motor) You have to like answering questions about the SSR everywhere you stop. Points to adjustment is impossible with doors shut. Wish the power seats would move back automatically when door is opened. I have the chrome wheels and noticed the center caps tend to move out of position after driving around.

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