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No:1 truck to buy

homealone069, 09/23/2011
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I have a 2006 Silverado Pickup,2500 HD 4x4.I've owned chevy's most of my life,because of the performance,and reliability.This truck from the first day going out hunting,going through scrub-oak,blazing new trails,climbing the sides of mountain's on the nastiest roads you ever want to imagine,going through water 3 feet deep,and it keeps on going.When I needed the power it was there,wether pulling a trailer up 6% grades in 6"s of mud,and it never quit.I've done all these things will my truck,and its still in great shape,and it has never been in the shop for any malfunctions.They just need to make the front bumper narrower,and raise the truck about 2"s higher.Thats the only change there shouldbe

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Just don't Know

Eric, 12/04/2010
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Well I guess my roots run deep with GM. Got the truck used off a dealer lot with 90000 miles on it. While test driving the truck it performed and looked in excellent condition. The motor and tranny on this truck, as previous GM trucks I've owned is stout and reliable. Now, As for every thing else well lets just leave it at that for now. Owned a 98 Gmc before this one and it was one of the best vehicles Ive owned, but in the recent years I've heard and witness a lot of bad rap from GM and was skeptical of buying another. I guess it was the love for that bowtie.

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huge fuel filter problem

hughessk, 03/02/2010
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this is a great truck as long as you only use premium fuel and drive it in warm climates. the fuel filter will clog if you use bio fuel, or a lower grade fuel. when the filter clogs the engine will go into a 2000 rpm lockdown and will not shift. this will happen even after truck is warm,the first time you try to merge onto the expressway in rush hour traffic, at 25 degree weather and snow covered road, YOU WILL BE IN FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE or FOR YOUR LIFE. I have 900000 miles on this truck and have had to replace the fuel filter ($35) 11 times??? I have purchased fuel from 15 different stations. CHEVROLET SOLUTION " use premium fuel, Use an addative($11)and let the truck idle 20 minutes

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Still wondering if '07 is better

Brian, 03/19/2006
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This truck is is a blast to drive around, an excellent work and tow vehicle. The gas mileage however, will take a bit to get used to. The best this truck will average is about 12-13 mpg, and that is unloaded and using the gas pedal with a light foot. However, this is a truck that was designed to work and perform. If you like to off-road be careful. Although it may look capable looks can be deceiving. The rear end differential has a very low clearance height to the ground. Any kind of rutted off-road will pose a challenge if there are any obstacles on it like small rocks or stumps. Even at the beach you will hear some awfull scraping and thumps. Bad fit and finish!! didn't notice until at home.

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Solid truck

darton2, 10/09/2006
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Nice truck. Just traded in an '04 reg cab for this one. Good solid power and well built. From a manufacturing engineer standpoint, the truck is very mechanically solid.

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